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Document Abstract
Published: 2005

Poverty and environmental damage in Philippine agriculture: do trade policies matter?

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Is there some truth to the common assumption that upland farmers are insulated from and not directly affected by most economic policies? The authors of this brief note otherwise as they uncover the link between trade policies, poverty and environmental damage in Philippine agricul ture in this issue of the DRN . One of their findings points to the strong negative effect of higher wages on land demand. With "strong local off-farm job growth in agribusiness and nonfarm employment expan- sion outside the watershed" being associated with rising farm wages, there is either a slowing down.

Articles include:

  • proposed RP-US FTA may center on telecom and financial sectors
  • Some points about the watershed management approach in the Philippines

  • Study calls for inclusion of agri, food sectors in RP-Japan trade talks

  • DENR urged to set clear rules on using watershed approach


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