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Published: 2015

Under sea pipedreams and India energy security

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Iran’s game-changing nuclear deal with the West and imminent ending of the US-led sanctions open a window of opportunity for deeper Indo-Iranian relations. On the sidelines of the BRICS summit in Ufa in July 2015, Iran’s President asked Indian Prime Minister (PM) to invest in infrastructure projects worth US$ 8 billion, including developing the strategic port of Chabahar that is India’s gateway to Afghanistan and Central Asia bypassing Pakistan. Reconfiguring a pipeline project to transport Iranian and Turki gas to India is also an idea whose time has perhaps come.

ndia’s big challenge is that its economic interest in the deep-sea pipeline may not necessarily be in convergence with the political and strategic objectives of Iran. 23 Does India have the same role as earlier when Iran sought it out as a strategic partner to counter the US pressure? India may explore for offers for investing in Iran. A post- sanctions Iran has several options for its oil and gas, including supplying gas to Europe through its pipeline to Turkey. India must move fast on the deep-sea pipeline project.

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