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Assessment of the possible applications of NDC model pension schemes
J. B. Williamson; M. Williams / Center for Retirement Research, Boston College 2003
Most public old-age pension schemes around the world are based at least in part on the pay-as-you-go defined benefit (PAYGO DB) model. As these schemes have matured and the limitations of this approach have become more salient, pensio...
Refoming India's disibility rights system
P. Madhava Rao / Eldis Document Store 2004
The paper argues that current Social Security programmes are employment related and do not appear to pay special attention to the disabled. To be eligible for benefits one has to become disabled after gaining employment. This approach...
Indian Social Security schemes. Neither social nor secure?
P. Madhava Rao / Eldis Document Store 2004
Paper looks at proposed pension reforms aimed at provision for civil servants. It discusses and highlights possible limitations and insecurities and argues whether India should opt for such drastic changes in its current state of pove...
Examining the impact of public health spending on longevity in Russia
O. Ivaschenko / World Institute for Development Economics Research (WIDER) 2004
This paper examines the impact of changes in poverty and public health spending on inter-temporal variations in longevity using a unique regional-level dataset that covers 77 regions of Russia over the period 1994-2000. The dynamic pa...
Proceedings from a seminar on ageing, poverty and the international development agenda
HelpAge International 2003
This report addresses some of the challenges facing developing countries due to population ageing and inter-linking strategies required to meet the challenge. It advocates for greater support towards social protection for poor older p...
Using the Post Office to deliver social protection to the Indian poor
J. Farrington; N.C. Saxena; T. Barton; R. Nayak / Natural Resource Perspectives, ODI 2003
India’s efforts in targeting a wide range of social protection measures towards different categories of poor people might be a model for other countries as they prepare their own Poverty Reduction Strategies. However, implementat...
Considering long-term risks in government decision-making
P.S. Heller / Finance and Development, IMF 2003
This article analyses the fiscal consequences of a series of demographic, climate, economic, security and technological changes that all countries in the world are experiencing nowadays. It argues that in this changing context ...
Global demographic trends from 1960s to 2001
G. Shackman; Y.L. Liu; G. Wang / Global Social Change Research Project: Social, Economic and Political Change 2003
This review provides an outline of major world demographic characteristics and changes. Data is provided for more than 100 countries, and most cover time periods of 20 years or more. The results reported in the review are compa...
Conference on social protection for the ageing population
United Nations [UN] Research Institute for Social Development 2002
The UNRISD conference examined the opportunities, problems and challenges of effective social protection for older people, including formal public policies and more informal strategies, such as household support systems. In Ses...
How does population age structure affect economic growth?
K. Navaneetham / Centre for Development Studies, Kerala, India 2002
This paper looks at the nature and process of age structural transition in the countries of South and Southeast Asia and its influence on economic growth. Age structural transition is a process and consequence of shifting age structur...
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Demographic ageing and the reform of pension systems
Project on Population Ageing, Economic Commission for Europe 1999
Chapters in Part Two of the report, looking at the consequences of ageing for pension schemes, are available for downloading. These formed papers from the ECE Spring Seminar, May 1999. The purpose of the Seminar was to review the deba...
MiCDA-PSC searchable bibliography on the economics and demography of aging
Michigan Center on the Demography of Aging 1999
Abstracts and some complete papers in PDF format are available online. Other papers may be obtained by request. Searchable bibliography of MiCDA-PSC (Population Studies Center) papers selected from the following sources: ...
Aiming to ensure that priority attention will be given to the situation of older persons.
United Nations Programme on Ageing 1991
The 18 Principles presented, adopted in 1991 fall into five clusters relating to the status of older persons: independence participation care self-fulfilment dignity
The first international instrument on ageing
United Nations Programme on Ageing 1999
The first instrument on ageing, guiding thinking and the formulation of policies and programmes on ageing, was endorsed by the United Nations General Assembly in 1982 (resolution 37/51), having been adopted earlier the same year at th...
Global policy database on ageing
United Nations Programme on Ageing 1999
Database covering national and international policies and programmes on ageing. Can be searched by country, sector, target group.
What measures of social protection can be put in place both to alleviate poverty and to minimize the risk that individuals fall into poverty?
International Labour Organization 2000
Increasing globalization and trade liberalization are creating greater insecurity for many income earners. This study examines the changing context in which women and men are trying to achieve income security for themselves and their ...
New models for old age security - how can they be applied in China?
E. James / China Country Office, World Bank 1998
China's current pension system has two severe problems: the urgent and immediate problem of the pension burden of state-owned enterprises, and the longer-term problem arising from the rapid aging of the population. The current system ...
Still working into old age - the Indonesian perspective
L. Cameron; D.A. Cobb-Clark / Institute for the Study of Labor, Bonn 2001
Without broad-based public pension schemes, the majority of the elderly in developing countries are left to rely on their own current and accumulated earnings and support from children as means of old-age support. The authors d...
Old age provision in light of the East Asian economic crisis
R. Holzmann; I.W. MacArthur; Y. Sin / Pensions Online, World Bank 2000
This paper reviews the most important challenges to old age income systems in the region and examines opportunities for their design or reform. While covering all the region’s countries in principle, the paper concentrates on tho...
First major study produced on impending pension crisis
Policy Research Working Papers, World Bank 1994
Analyses the issues affecting income security for the elderly in both developing and industrial nations. Systems providing financial security for the old are under increasing strain throughout the world. Changing demographics have led...
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Vienna Institute of Demography
Advances in Aging Research
Advances in Aging Research (AAR) is an openly accessible journal published bimonthly. The goal of this journal is to provide a platform for scientists and academicians all over the world to promote, share, and discuss various new issues and developments in different areas of ageing research.
Pension Funds Online
Pension Funds Online, published by Wilmington Publishing & Information, is a source for detailed financial data and contact information on pension funds globally which helps firms working within the pensions industry to achieve their marketing and business objectives. It holds information on over 8,000 pension funds, providing details on key contacts, which asset classes they invest in and...
Expanding Social Protection Programme, Uganda (ESP)
The Expanding Social Protection (ESP) Programme is a Government of Uganda Programme implemented under the Ministry of Gender, Labour & Social Development.
International Union for the Scientific Study of Population (IUSSP)
The IUSSP aims is to promote the scientific study of population, encourage exchange between researchers around the globe, and stimulate interest in population issues.To further its mission, the IUSSP:organizes seminars and workshops to further scientific knowledgeorganizes training and distance-learning activities to improve the research capacity...
POPPOV / Population and Poverty Research Network
The PopPov network is a group of academic researchers, funders, and other stakeholders from around the globe that is interested in how population dynamics (population growth, decline, aging, etc.,) impact economic outcomes. The network is most interested in how population policies can be used for poverty reduction at the household level and economic growth at the country/state level. Th...
The Emerging Markets Symposium
With more than half the world’s people and over 40% of its economy, Brazil, China, India, Russia and other emerging markets in Africa, Asia, Europe and the Americas are widely expected to be economic and geo-political powers in the 21st century and beyond. But their future progress, relationships with the rest of the world and each other and prospects for growth, social cohesion and politica...
Program on the Global Demography of Aging at Harvard University (PGDA)
The Program on the Global Demography of Aging (PGDA) carries out research on important themes related to global aging and health, with an emphasis on issues in the developing world. A key overarching theme focuses the expertise available at various schools at Harvard toward one of the pressing health questions of global aging, namely understanding the changing patterns of adult morbidity and morta...
Age International
In 2012 Age UK created Age International as a subsidiary charity to lead and manage its international work. It also works as part of the HelpAge International network.
Berlin-Institut für Bevölkerung und Entwicklung / Berlin Institute for Population and Development
The Berlin Institute for Population and Development is an independent think tank that researches questions about regional and global demographic changes. The institute was founded in 2000 as a non-profit foundation and has the task to raise awareness about demographic change, promote sustainable development, contribute new ideas to the policy field, and form concepts for solutions to demographic a...
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