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The purpose of this guide is to provide access to relevant, diverse and credible research on the role of agricultural production and food policy in achieving broad development goals. It aims to inform dialogue and the sharing of good practice by policy actors and decision makers globally around issues such as food security, land issues, food prices, gender and the role of technology and innovation.
Connecting development actors in Ethiopia: linking climate change, nutrition and gender
Farmer tending crops
A. Vitale / Panos Pictures

Over the past few months, ordinary people from around the globe have taken to the streets to show their concern at the lack of political will to deal with climate change. The world will be watching how our leaders respond over 2015.

One of the issues on the agenda is food security. As demonstrated in the latest IPCC report, climate change is having an impact on already worrying levels of hunger and undernutrition in the world. This evidence has reinforced the importance of agriculture becoming more climate smart in order to: increase food security, adapt to build resilience, and reduce agriculture’s greenhouse gas emissions (mitigation).

This blog post examines IDS’ recent work in Ethiopia, touching upon how nutritionists, agriculturalists, gender, environmental and climate change professionals are starting to talk to one another and respond to the need for climate smart agriculture.

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Latest Documents

Exchanging fertilizer for votes?
N. B. Westberg / Norwegian University of Life Sciences, 2015
Several countries have made targeted input subsidy programs an integral part of their policies for  improving  food  security.   Given  the  programs'  often  centralized  structure&nb...
Na Ot village case study: Land tenure and resource rights
The Centre for People and Forests, 2015
This case study examines eight equity dimensions in sustainable forest management through the case study of Na Ot Village, Na Ot Commune, Mai Son District, Son La province in Viet Nam. It highlights that securing forest tenure ...
The challenge of stability and security in West Africa
M. Alexandre; V. Neelam; S. Mogaka / Agence française de développement, 2015
This book seeks to critically examine the challenges of fragility and security in West Africa, along with the factors of resilience. It seeks to investigate key drivers of conflict and violence, and the way in which they impact...
Implications of land use change in tropical Northern Africa under global warming
T. Brücher; M. Claussen; T. Raddatz 2015
This discussion paper asses possible feedbacks between the type of land use and harvest intensity and climate. It highlights that a major link between climate and humans in Northern Africa, and the Sahel in particular, is land ...
Climate Change, Environment, Energy and Natural Resource Management (CEEN) in Development Policy: Addressing Knowledge Needs and Gaps in Norwegian ODA-Funded Research Support
I. Vormedal; L. Lunde / Fridtjof Nansen Institute, 2014
Climate change, environment, energy and natural resource management (CEEN) are salient issues in global development policy. They are also particularly prominent in Norway, receiving close to 25% of the aid budget in 2013. This is part...
Towards and water and food secure future: critical perspectives for policy-makers
Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations, 2015
This report focuses on the regional and national aspects of food security. It aims to provide policymakers with an overview of the technical and economic aspects of water use in agriculture, with particular emphasis on crop and...
Building climate-resilient food systems for Pacific Islands
J. Bell; M. Taylor / World Fish Center, 2015
This report focuses on the challenges of climate change and food security for the Pacific Islands. It summarises: 1) the projected effects of climate change on agriculture, fisheries and aquaculture in the Pacific region; 2) ad...
Irresponsible investment: AGRICA's broken development model in Tanzania
M. Bergius / The Oakland Institute, 2015
Kilombero Plantations Ltd (KPL) is a 5,818 hectare (ha) rice plantation located in the heart of the fertile Kilombero Valley, Tanzania. In addition to developing a large-scale rice farm, KPL works with local smallholder farmers throug...
Eliciting consumer WTP for food characteristics in a developing context: Comparison of four methods in a field experiment.
R. Alphonce; F. Alnes / Norwegian University of Life Sciences, 2015
This paper aims at answering two objectives; 1) assess consumer preference and willingness to pay for organic and food safety inspected tomatoes in a traditional African food market; 2) compare willingness to pay for the tomato attrib...
The role of producer organisations in rural advisory services
This Position Paper was written to raise awareness of the roles of producer organisations in rural advisory services, and to contribute to discussions about how their effectiveness in these roles can be increased so that they contribu...
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