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Commercial production and trade

The role of agricultural production and food policy in achieving broad development goals. Covering food security, land issues, food prices, gender, extension, the right to food and the role of technology and innovation.

Latest Documents

Challenging the stereotypes: Small-scale black farmers and private sector support programmes in South Africa: A national scan
M. Ngubane; A. Okunlola; B. Cousins; A. du Toit / Institute for Poverty, Land and Agrarian Studies 2016
This report represents one of the outputs of a research and social dialogue project undertaken over 18 months. It explores a number of private sector partnerships and projects launched in support of black farmers – some of them h...
Land grabs and fragile food systems: The role of globalization
S. Murphy / Institute for Agriculture and Trade Policy 2013
IATP have consistently argued that trade agreements need to respect and promote human rights, not drive a process of globalisation that privileges commercial interests and pushes public interests aside. This paper concludes that the g...
Chronic poverty in the Southwest coastal belt of Bangladesh
Solidarit├ęs International 2013
Where the southwest coastal region of Bangladesh was once a prosperous agricultural hub, today it is an area ravaged by salinity, natural disasters, poverty and an inability to cope with recurrent shocks. This paper pr...
Women, food security and agriculture in a global marketplace: A significant shift
R. Mehra; M. Hill Rojas / International Center for Research on Women, USA 2008
New directions in development assistance and agricultural investments must recognize and support women's involvement in the full agricultural value chain from production to processing to marketing. This report reviews current thinking...
Do farmers’ organisations put more efforts into marketable goods or production for home consumption?
M.E. Bachke / Norwegian University of Life Sciences 2009
This paper examines the hypothesis that farmers’ organisations act as a tool to improve the living conditions of farmers in poor countries, both by improving their market situation and enhancing the dissemination of information....
Opportunities for increasing the incomes of small-scale farmers
Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations 2009
What opportunities are there at farm and local community level to increase the incomes of small-scale farmers? This series of booklets aims to raise awareness and provide decision support information about opportunities for increasing...
Does China influence global food prices and developing country exports? 
N. Villoria / AgEcon Search 2009
This paper explores the consequences of the growth in China's demand for food on prices in the international markets for agricultural products. It focuses on two current debates in the literature related to the impact of China's growt...
Public-private partnerships: new mode of development in agricultural development?
F. Hartwich; M.V. Gottret; S. Babu; J. Tola / International Food Policy Research Institute 2007
This report outlines how public-private partnerships (PPPs) constitute a new mode of operation in many fields of development, including the development of innovation in developing country agriculture. Capacities to identify opportunit...
Private investment in Malawian agriculture
M.A.R. Phiri / Bunda College of Agriculture 2007
The main objective of this study is to carry out a comparative analysis of alternative agricultural and rural development models in Malawi. This aims at discovering the merits and demerits of each approach, mainly with regards to its ...
Potential effects of introducing GM foods in four Asian countries
G. Gruere; A. Bouet; S. Mevel / International Food Policy Research Institute 2007
This paper studies the potential effects of introducing genetically modified (GM) food crops in Bangladesh, India, Indonesia, and the Philippines in the presence of trade-related regulations of GM food in major importers. It focuses o...