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Labour and employment

The role of agricultural production and food policy in achieving broad development goals. Covering food security, land issues, food prices, gender, extension, the right to food and the role of technology and innovation.

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Africa’s youth employment challenge: new perspectives | IDS Bulletin Vol 48, No 3
S. Ayele (ed); S. Khan (ed); J. Sumberg (ed) / Institute of Development Studies UK 2017
Youth and employment concepts are not new to development discourse in sub-Saharan Africa but over the last decade interest has increased dramatically, becoming a much more important focus for policy, intervention and research througho...
Women entrepreneurs – key players in ACP agribusiness development
I. Boto (ed); A. Moglan (ed); T. Woldetsadick (ed) / Small Island Economies - CTA Brussels 2015
Research has found strong reasons to emphasise women’s economic empowerment in developing programs: firstly, economic empowerment is one of the most powerful routes for women to achieve their potential and advance their rights; s...
Dirty cotton - a research on child labour, slavery, trafficking and exploitation in cotton and cotton seed farming in India
Global March Against Child Labour 2012
The introduction of genetically modified or BT cotton in India has increased the demand for cheap labour.  Recognising the need to understand and address the growing concern over the engagement of children in the cotton industry ...
Discrimination and food rights
UN Human Rights Council 2010
This study on discrimination in the context of the right to food was produced for the fourth session of the Advisory Committee of the UN Human Rights Council held in February 2010. The study covers discrimination in terms of regi...
Land distribution and agricultural wages before and during the Maoist existence, Nepal
M. Hatlebakk / Norwegian University of Life Sciences 2009
This paper conducts a statistical analysis of agrarian change in Maoist influenced districts of Nepal. The paper analyses land distribution and agricultural wages before and during the Maoist existence. The analysis contributes to the...
Agricultural workers' well being and  sustainable agriculture and rural development
K. Powell; P. Termine; J. Dey de Pryck / Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations 2006
This is a policy brief that summarises the barriers to well being faced by agricultural workers and provides policy options based on International Labour Organization (ILO) conventions and international agreements. The brief is based ...
Serious implications due to rural-to-urban migration and rural ageing in the Arab region
Economic and Social Commission for Western Asia 2007
This report highlights the course of fertility and mortality transitions, and examines trends in rural and urban populations in the 22 countries of the Arab region for the period 1980-2050. Additionally, it exposes age-structural chan...
 Examining the threat of industrial-scale agrofuel production to community food security  
C. Steward (ed); C. Schiavoni; P. Mann / Community Food Security Coalition 2007
As the United States’ appetite for agrofuels continues to grow and other countries join this trend, the ecological and social footprint of agrofuel consumption will be increasingly felt throughout the world. Recognising the grow...
Analysing unit-level data on poverty, inequality and employment in post-reform India
D Mazumdar; S Sarkar / International Development Research Centre 2008
Analysing unit-level data on poverty, inequality and employment in post-reform India, this book finds that: growth is the key factor in poverty reduction liberalisation has been accompanied by rising inequalit...
How globalisation in agribusiness is affecting South Asian farmers
S. Sigh / Make Trade Fair Campaign, Oxfam International 2007
This paper reviews the nature, profile and functioning of South Asia’s agribusiness sector which has been undergoing rapid changes in the wake of globalisation. Its principal focus is the impact of agribusiness corporations, sup...
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