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Food security and livelihoods

The role of agricultural production and food policy in achieving broad development goals. Covering food security, land issues, food prices, gender, extension, the right to food and the role of technology and innovation.

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Averting 'New Variant Famine' in Southern Africa: building food-secure livelihoods with AIDS-affected young people
N. Ansell; E. Robson; L. van Blerk; F. Hajdu / Economic and Social Research Council, UK 2009
Numerous reports have linked AIDS’ impacts on young people and their long term food insecurity, through, for instance, orphans’ failure to inherit property and resources; inability to retain rights to land which they are too...
Climate change in Afghanistan: what does it mean for rural livelihoods and food security?
United Nations [UN] Environment Programme 2016
Afghanistan has already been, and will continue to be, heavily affected by the negative impacts of climate change. And it is the most vulnerable people - particularly subsistence farmers and pastoralists who de-pend on natural resourc...
Climate change, vulnerability, food security and human health in rural Pakistan: a gender perspective
M. Iqbal; M. Ahmad; G. Mustafa / Munich Personal RePEc Archive 2015
Pakistan is among the most vulnerable countries in the South Asian region given still overwhelming dependence of its population on agriculture which in turn mainly depends on the Indus Basin River System. The intensity and frequency o...
Analysing the links and disconnects between agriculture and nutrition in Pakistan
H Gazdar; M Balagamwala / Leveraging Agriculture for Nutrition in South Asia 2013
This paper analyses the pathways and disconnects between agriculture and nutrition in the context of Pakistan, using a framework developed by theTackling the Agriculture-Nutrition Disconnect in India (TANDI) research program...
Determinants of choice of indigenous climate related strategies by smallholder farmers in northern Ghana
R., M. Al-Hassan; J., K., M. Kuwornu; P., M. Etwire / British Journal of Environment and Climate Change 2013
This study assesses the determinants of choice of indigenous climate related strategies by smallholder farmers in northern Ghana. The study uses primary data obtained through community focus group discussions and household surveys, an...
Agricultural vulnerability and adaptation to climatic changes in Malaysia: review on paddy sector
Md., M. Alam; C. Siwar; A., H. Jaafar / Current World Environment 2013
This paper provides a brief review on the global and Malaysian perspective of climate change, and its impacts on Malaysian agriculture and relevant adaptation practices. It also provides policy recommendations for better coping with t...
Effects of climate change on poultry production in Ondo State, Nigeria
G., B. Adesiji; I., S. Tyabo; O. Bolarin 2013
Poultry plays a vital economic, nutritional and socio-cultural role in the livelihood of rural households in many developing countries. This study assessed the effects of climate change on poultry production in Ondo State, Nigeria. 83...
Smallholder agriculture’s contribution to better nutrition
S. Wiggins; S. Keats / Overseas Development Institute 2013
Commissioned by the UK Hunger Alliance for the June 2013 'Hunger Summit' this report asks "How can smallholder agriculture contribute to improving food security and reducing under-nutrition?" Potentially, smallholder agricultur...
Analysis of climate change impacts on coffee, cocoa and basic grains value chains in northern Honduras
Instituto de Estudios del Hambre (Institute of Hunger Studies) 2013
This study examines, applying future climate local scenarios, climate change impacts in northern Honduras and makes recommendations to strengthen the resilience of the International Fund for Agricultural Development’s (IFAD) &ls...
A critical analysis of climate change factors and its projected future values in Delta state, Nigeria
P. O. Emaziye / Asian Journal of Agriculture and Rural Development 2013
This study analyses climate change factors (temperature and rainfall) and their projected future values in the Delta state, Nigeria. A variety of crops such as maize, yam and cassava produced in Delta state depend on rainfall for thei...
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