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Gender and food security

The role of agricultural production and food policy in achieving broad development goals. Covering food security, land issues, food prices, gender, extension, the right to food and the role of technology and innovation.

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Overcoming obstacles to women's empowerment within Indian ginger production
C. Gurung; N. Gurung / International Development Research Centre 2006
This paper explores strategies for involving women in the management and control of ginger production in India. The focus is on the social and gendered nature of ginger production, commercialisation and disease management. ...
Findings from a baseline study on Enhanced Commitments to Women
United Nations [UN] World Food Programme 2007
This paper gives the results of a baseline study on the Enhanced Commitments to Women (ECW) programme. It was undertaken in 48 countries to assess how the World Food Programme’s (WFP) 2003-2007 Gender Policy was implemented. ...
Bringing women into policy discussions on food and agriculture
A. Spieldoch / Institute for Agriculture and Trade Policy 2007
This paper examines how women have been affected by changes in the food system within the global context of international trade and investment. The author outlines the need for further research to deepen the understanding of why women...
How household gender relations affect the success of development projects
A. Quisumbing; B. McClafferty / International Food Policy Research Institute 2006
This book addresses gender and intrahousehold issues that influence gender equality as well as the success of development interventions. The book is a non-technical presentation of research findings from IFPRI’s research programm...
Incorporating gender issues improves development project design and effectiveness
A.R. Quisumbing; B. McClafferty / International Food Policy Research Institute 2006
This practitioners' guide aims to bridge the gap between research and practice. The guide offers a non-technical presentation of research findings from IFPRI’s multi-country research programme on gender and intra-household issues...
Impact of PROGRESA on women
M. Adato; B. de la Brière; D. Mindek; A. Quisumbing / International Food Policy Research Institute 2000
The objective of this report is to examine the impact of Mexico’s PROGRESA on women’s status and intra-household relations. PROGRESA provides cash benefits linked to children’s school attendance and to regular clinic at...
Access to capital, credit, and education is constraining the empowerment of rural women in Nigeria and restricting agricultural groeth and food security
E. Ukeje / Intergovernmental Group of Twenty-Four 2004
The study examines strategies adopted to increase agricultural growth and improve food security in Nigeria by empowering women engaged in agricultural activities. Initiatives to empower women have largely failed since they have not be...
Land reform in the 1990s: is it gender sensitive?
S. Razavi / United Nations [UN] Research Institute for Social Development 2005
This brief explores the reform of land tenure institutions which re-emerged in the 1990s, and asks if these reforms are any more gender sensitive than those of the past? The paper highlights that a focus of the recent reforms h...
Developing an agenda for fair and decent conditions for agricultural wage workers
P. Hurst; P. Termine; M. Karl / Sustainable Development Department, FAO SD Dimensions 2005
This report on agricultural workers and their contribution to sustainable agriculture and rural development focuses on the 450 million women and men who are employed as waged agricultural workers, and who are at the very heart of the ...
Socio-economic, gender and HIV and Aids issues in livestock production
Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations 2005
This handbook provides an overview of some of the key socio-economic and gender issues related to livestock production, and considers the impact of HIV/AIDS on livestock production and related activities. The guide looks at str...
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