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Gender roles in agriculture

The role of agricultural production and food policy in achieving broad development goals. Covering food security, land issues, food prices, gender, extension, the right to food and the role of technology and innovation.

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Child Under-weight and Agricultural Productivity in India: Implications for Public Provisioning and Women’s Agency
S.S. Vepa; B. Viswanathan; R.V. Bhavani; R. Parasar / Review of Radical Political Economics 2015
The well-known pathways that link agriculture to child nutrition are food, quality of food, and care of feeding. Further, agricultural productivity growth contributes significantly to poverty reduction and reduction in child undernutr...
Gender in climate-smart agriculture: module 18 for gender in agriculture sourcebook
World Bank Publications 2015
This module provides guidance and a comprehensive menu of practical tools for integrating gender in the planning, design, implementation, and evaluation of projects and investments in climate-smart agriculture (CSA). The module emphas...
Gender, livestock and reducing greenhouse gas emissions in Costa Rica
C.R. Farnworth / Climate Change Agriculture Food Security 2016
Costa Rica is developing a Nationally Appropriate Mitigation Action (NAMA) that will provide climate finance for best livestock management practices that generate climate change mitigation benefits. The LivestockPlus research project,...
Gender dimensions on farmers’ preferences for direct-seeded rice with drum seeder in India
Md.T. Khan; A. Kishore; P.K. Joshi / Climate Change Agriculture Food Security 2016
Transplanting is the dominant mode of rice establishment in India. Transplanted rice requires more labour and water and emits more greenhouse gases into the environment than DSR. In the past, DSR was mainly practiced in areas with low...
Gender dynamics in rice-farming households in Vietnam: a literature review
A. Gallina; C.R. Farnworth / Climate Change Agriculture Food Security 2016
This literature review is part of the CCAFS program on low emission agriculture flagship of the CGIAR Research Program on Climate Change, Agriculture and Food Security. It serves as a background document to better understand g...
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