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Biotechnology and GMOs

The role of agricultural production and food policy in achieving broad development goals. Covering food security, land issues, food prices, gender, extension, the right to food and the role of technology and innovation.

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Developing beans that can beat the heat
Consultative Group on International Agricultural Research 2015
In Africa and Latin America, the production of beans ( Phaseolus vulgaris ) is highly vulnerable to climate change impacts, which include higher temperatures and more frequent drought. Within the last 15 years, CGIAR researchers have ...
Rice in the Shadow of Skyscrapers: Policy Choices in a Dynamic East and Southeast Asian Setting
D. Dawe; Jaffee S.; Santos N. / Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations 2014
This compendium of policy notes is the result of cooperation between the Food and Agriculture Organization of the UN, The World Bank and the International Rice Research Institute. Across Asia, rice is food for the largest segment of t...
Dirty cotton - a research on child labour, slavery, trafficking and exploitation in cotton and cotton seed farming in India
Global March Against Child Labour 2012
The introduction of genetically modified or BT cotton in India has increased the demand for cheap labour.  Recognising the need to understand and address the growing concern over the engagement of children in the cotton industry ...
Global negotiations on the conservation, development and use of plant genetic resources
K. Adhikari / South Asia Watch on Trade, Economics & Environment 2009
The International Treaty on Plant Genetic Resources for Food and Agriculture was adopted in 2001 to establish a multilateral system of access and benefit sharing for plants. This policy brief highlights the developments in the global ...
Claimed benefits of GM RR soy have not been realised, but anticipated problems have been confirmed
M. Antoniou; P. Brack; A. Carrasco 2010
Awareness is growing that many modern agricultural practices are unsustainable. This report assesses the scientific evidence on GM RR (genetically modified to tolerate the herbicide Roundup) soy and asks whether it can be defined as s...
Food production and the food system must assume a higher priority in political agendas across the world
Foresight UK 2011
The global food system will experience an unprecedented combination of pressures over the next 40 years. Global population size will increase and competition for land, water and energy will intensify, while the effects of climate chan...
GM crops: is it a pro-poor technology?
D. Glover (ed) / STEPS Centre, Institute of Development Studies 2009
Many people and organisations have sought to promote genetically modified (GM) crops as a ‘pro-poor’ technology; however, developing-country farmers’ experiences with GM crops have been mixed. Some farmers have certa...
Is Africa ready for genetically modified organisms?
A. Mittal (ed); M. Moore (ed) / The Oakland Institute 2007
Chronic hunger affects hundreds of millions of people worldwide but it is deeply entrenched in Africa. This crisis has raised major questions about industrial agriculture and how best to address the needs of the hungry. The food crisi...
Genetically-modified crops: potential benefits and risks
N. Makoni; J. Mohamed-Katerere; M. Chenje / United Nations [UN] Environment Programme 2009
This paper explores the debates around Genetically Modified Organisms (GMO) and food security and the challenge for policymakers on how to respond to the uncertainty about the relative opportunities and threats posed by GM technologie...
Can the private sector deliver an effective extension system?
D. Glover / Participation abstracts and document collection, IDS 2007
This article examines how private sector organisations are increasingly becoming important players in the provision of agricultural extension services, as well as crop research, in the global South. Drawing on evidence from a case stu...
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