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The role of agricultural production and food policy in achieving broad development goals. Covering food security, land issues, food prices, gender, extension, the right to food and the role of technology and innovation.

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Climate change in Afghanistan: what does it mean for rural livelihoods and food security?
United Nations [UN] Environment Programme 2016
Afghanistan has already been, and will continue to be, heavily affected by the negative impacts of climate change. And it is the most vulnerable people - particularly subsistence farmers and pastoralists who de-pend on natural resourc...
Traditional livelihoods and mining in Mongolia's changing climate: exploring the potential of cross-sectoral partnerships in achieving sustainability
Asia-Pacific Network for Global Change Research 2016
The growing scale of resource development activities accentuates the complexity underlying the sustainability of traditional livelihoods in Mongolia. At the same time, Mongolia experiences growing vulnerability to climatic variability...
Afar Resilience Study
J. Helland / Chr. Michelsen Institute, Norway 2015
This paper has been prepared in conjunction with a project for resilience building in Afar National Regional State, Ethiopia under the auspices of the Afar Region Disaster Prevention, Preparedness and Food Security Coordination Office...
The nexus of oil, conflict, and climate change vulnerability of pastoral communities in Northwest Kenya
J. Schilling; R. Locham; T. Weinzierl; J. ViVekananDa; J. Scheffran / Copernicus Publications 2015
This paper focuses on pastoralism in the country of Turkana in northwest Kenya. It highlights that an increase in drought frequency associated with global climate change and intensifying violent conflicts between pastoral group...
A House Full of Trap Doors: Identifying barriers to resilient drylands in the toolbox of pastoral development
Saverio Krätli; Brigitte Kaufmann; Hassan Roba; Pierre Hiernaux; Wenjun Li; Marcos Easdale; Christian Hülsebusch / International Institute for Environment and Development 2015
The theoretical framework for the scientific understanding of the drylands is almost the opposite today of what was mainstream in the 1970s, but the methodological infrastructure of analytical tools and practices is still catching up....
Valuing variability: new perspectives on climate resilient drylands development
This book is a challenge to those who see the drylands as naturally vulnerable to food insecurity and poverty.  It argues that improving agricultural productivity in dryland environments is possible by working with cli...
Delivering climate services for farmers and pastoralists through interactive radio
K.J. Hampson / Consultative Group on International Agricultural Research 2014
A scoping study to assess demand, opportunities and potential for the use of interactive radio to deliver climate services at scale for farmers and pastoralists was conducted by CCAFS in partnership with Farm Radio International in Ta...
What climate services do farmers and pastoralists need in Tanzania?
J.Y. Coulibaly / Consultative Group on International Agricultural Research 2015
This report presents final findings from the baseline data collection exercise conducted for Global Framework for Climate Services (GFCS) Adaptation Programme in Africa. The GFCS programme, having a focus on agriculture, food security...
Past, present and future: fifty years of anthropology in Sudan
M.A.M. Assal (ed); M.A. Abdul-Jalil / Chr. Michelsen Institute, Norway 2015
This book is about the history of anthropology in Sudan. Contributors to the book represent different generations of anthropologists who at some point in time either taught at the department in Khartoum or had some sort...
The effects of training, innovation and new technology on African smallholder farmers’ wealth and food security: a systematic review
The Campbell Collaboration 2014
Given both the importance of smallholder farming in Africa and its potential to contribute to the food security of so many, it is not surprising that considerable efforts are being invested in its success. In the context of this consi...
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