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Pastoralism resources access and rights

The role of agricultural production and food policy in achieving broad development goals. Covering food security, land issues, food prices, gender, extension, the right to food and the role of technology and innovation.

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Climate change, resource abundance and conflict in East Africa
C.K. Butler; S. Gates / International Peace Research Institute, Oslo 2010
This paper examines the effect of climate change on pastoralist conflict in Africa. The rangelands of East Africa is particularly vulnerable to drought, which is associated with climate change. In this respect, the paper focuses its a...
How have China's development policies impacted Tibeten pastoralists?
M. Foggin / Plateau Perspectives 2008
Tibetan grasslands constitute one of the most important grazing ecosystems in the world and encompass the source areas of many major Asian rivers. While a variety of government policies have been applied in recent years to protect the...
What is the future of pastoralism in Ethiopia?
United Nations Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs 2007
Ethiopia has Africa’s largest livestock population, with over 60% of its land area is semi-arid lowland, dominated by the livestock economy. In December 2006, Ethiopians from the Federal and Regional governments and from traditi...
Protecting pastoralists' livelihoods: lessons from Ngorongoro, Tanzania
N. Kipuri; C. Sørensen / International Institute for Environment and Development 2008
Recent years have seen pastoralist communities in Tanzania becoming increasingly impoverished and vulnerable, due to  livestock diseases, drought, fluctuating market prices and unfavourable policies. This paper discusses strategi...
Have mobile phones improved animal health services in Kenya?
J. Kithuka; J. Mutemi; A.,H. Mohamed / Farm Africa 2007
This paper explores the introduction of mobile phones and community pay phones within FARM-Africa's Kenya Dairy Goat and Capacity Building Project (KDGCBP), implimented in the districts of Mwingi and Kitui.  The author...
Can better policies help poor livestock producers?
A. Catley / id21 Development Research Reporting Service 2008
As global demand for meat and milk increases, many policies focus on promoting international trade in livestock and livestock products. How does this affect the community-based livestock services that poor people use, and who will ben...
Conflict over natural resources in Mali risks serious escalation
S. Beeler / International Institute for Environment and Development 2007
This report provides insight into the local management of conflict over natural resources between herders and farmers in north-western Mali. The study finds that social, economic and environmental change within the region has led to g...
What are the main factors behind resource conflict in Kenya and Uganda?
N. Adan; R. Pkalva / Practical Action [Intermediate Technology Development Group] 2005
This paper assesses the impact of conflict on social service delivery, agricultural production, trade and investment, as well as the nexus between conflict and HIV AIDS. It particularly focuses on the pastoral and semi pastoral econom...
Tenure security has improved but other problems could further marginalise pastoralists
C. Hesse; B. Thebaud / International Work Group for Indigenous Affairs 2006
Guinea, Mauritania, Mali, and Burkina Faso have all passed specific legislation in support of pastoralism. This paper reports that while some of these laws provide an improved framework for the management of rangelands and greater ten...
Environmental impact of livestock sector must addressed urgently
H. Steinfeld; P. Gerber; T. Wassenaar; V. Castel; M. Rosales; C. de Haan / Livestock, Environment and Development, Virtual Research and Development Centre 2006
The global livestock sector is socially and politically very significant, creating livelihoods for one billion of the world’s poor and accounting for 40% of agricultural gross demestic product (GDP). This report finds that the va...
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