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Cost Allocation For Multi-service Micro-finance Institutions
B.S. Helms / Consultative Group to Assist the Poorest 1998
Presents a series of questions MFI managers should ask themselves about allocating costs and assets among costs centers. Using examples from the field and a hypothetical case called Microfem, the paper explores alternative answers to ...
How CGAP Member Donors Fund Micro-finance Institutions
Consultative Group to Assist the Poorest 1999
This FOCUS Note emanated from CGAP's Secretariat fielding the same questions from numerous micro-finance practitioners world wide: "How do the Member Donors of CGAP fund micro-finance institutions? What are the structures, funding ins...
What Happened in East Asia: How Can it be Understood and What Can Development Organisations Do?
K. Bezanson / Institute of Development Studies UK 1998
Analysis based on the convergence of viewpoints of a meeting held at IDS Sussex in July 1998. Policy recommendations include: Focus on structuring orderly debt workouts Modify and expand the HIPC initiative ...
Zambia: encouraging sustainable smallholder agriculture
J.G. Copestake / Environment and Development Consultancy Ltd 1997
Main purpose of this report is to present a balanced assessment of prospects for sustainable growth in smallholder agriculture in Zambia in the light of recent reforms. Given their historical underdevelopment in Zambia, and policy emp...
South Africa: encouraging sustainable smallholder agriculture
N. Oettle; S. Fakir; W. Wentzel; S. Giddings; M. Whiteside / Environment and Development Consultancy Ltd 1998
Concentrates on the black smallholder farming sector. Policy objectives should include: Resource Conserving Technologies: re-orientation away from large scale farmers, consideration of goals other than high input/output...
Malawi: Services and policies needed to support sustainable smallholder agriculture
M. Whiteside; S. Carr / Environment and Development Consultancy Ltd 1997
Malawi’ s smallholder agriculture is facing a crisis, particularly in the more populated south. There is an insidious combination of land shortage, continuous cultivation of maize, declining soil fertility, low yields, deforestat...
Botswana: Encouraging sustainable family sector agriculture
M. Whiteside / Environment and Development Consultancy Ltd 1997
Paper concentrates on services and policies needed to support sustainable family sector agriculture in the east of Botswana where the majority of the population and the largest number of resource poor people are concentrated. It does ...
Foreign Aid, Democratisation and Civil Society in Africa: A Study of South Africa, Ghana and Uganda
J. Hearn / Institute of Development Studies UK 1999
Examines how a range of foreign donors has developed civil society initiatives in Ghana, Uganda and South Africa. All three countries form part of the new generation of African states that are seen as turning their back on decades of ...
Participatory Governance: The Missing Link for Poverty Reduction
H. Schneider / OECD Development Centre 1999
Empowerment of the poor is one ingredient in effective poverty reduction. A demand-driven participatory approach enhances effectiveness and efficiency. Accountability is the central lever for participatory governance. Capacity buildin...
Social and Economic Policies to Prevent Complex Humanitarian Emergencies: Lessons from Experience
J. Klugman / World Institute for Development Economics Research (WIDER) 1999
Reviews experinces of causes and reponses to complex humanitarian emergencies (CHEs). Considers root causes to be: horizontal inequality between different social groups crises in state legitimacy ...
Items 3751 to 3760 of 3826

Items 3751 to 3760 of 3770

Financial sustainablility for credit programmes: a travel survival guide
P. Kantor; C. Robinson / Sustainable Banking with the Poor ,World Bank 1997
This guide is intended for microcredit program managers and staff with little accounting and financial skills. The guide lays out the essentials of an income statement in a very user-friendly way to enable program officers to understa...
How to Create an Effective Communication Project [on HIV / AIDS]
Family Health International 1996
Careful planning of communication projects is necessary for the success of HIV/AIDS prevention programs. This handbook will guide you through the development of behavior change communication (BCC) projects using a strategy developed b...
The group enterprise book: A practical guide for Group Promoters to assist groups in setting up and running successful small enterprises
People's Participation, FAO SD Dimensions 1998
Book shows in simple illustrated steps how small enterprises can be developed and run by small groups in rural communities using a participative approach. It is intended for use by Group Promoters (or GPs), extension workers and other...
Capacity Development Resource Book
Management & Governance Network, UNDP 1997
Collection of papers/reports from UNDP programmes on methodology for capacity development and institutional strengthening. Includes: training manual for developing capacities for effective governance. With traine...
Capacity assessment and development in a systems and strategic management context
Management & Governance Network, UNDP 2000
These guidelines are designed to help organisations assess and develop the capacities needed for sustainable change. Designed as a suuplement to more methodologically focused manuals/training. They combine lessons from private ...
Community Initiatives in Urban Infrastructure
A.P. Cotton; M. Sohail; W.K. Tayler / Water Engineering and Development Centre 1998
The purpose of this manual is to provide guidance for promoting increased involvement of low income urban communities in the procurement of neighbourhood (tertiary level) infrastructure. The contexts are several and varied including: ...
Why civil society groups should be trusted to play a significant role in the process of democratization
M. Samvirke / Mellemfolkeligt Samvirke 1999
Danish INGO looks at arguments for supporting NGO and civil society groups. Reflects critically on the strengths as well as the weaknesses and challenges confronting civil society in the South in particular, based on the experiences o...
 Influencing the World Bank - a civil society advocacy tool
Bank Information Center 2007
As one of the largest public development institutions in the world, the World Bank Group (WBG) has an enormous impact on the lives and livelihoods of millions of people in developing and transition countries across the globe. [adapted...
Enhancing stakeholder participation in aid activities: technical note
Department for International Development, UK 1995
Recommendations on methods for encouraging participation in development projects Part One provides definitions and describes the extent to which we can at the moment answer the questions of why, when and how to encourage stakeh...
A look at sustainable livelihoods and ethical trade through case studiers
Ethical Trade and Natural Resources Programme, NRI 1998
Explores the actual and potential contribution ethical trade can make to the achievement of sustainable rural livelihoods. Summary report includes a description of ethical trade (Section 2), followed by an analysis of the buil...
Items 3751 to 3760 of 3770

Items 3751 to 3760 of 3770

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