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HIV/AIDS impacts food and livelihood security
S.I. Michiels / Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations 2001
This paper aims to provide a suggested framework of action for FAO' s engagement in HIV/AIDS prevention and impact-mitigation in rural Sub Saharan Africa at the community and household level. It presents a list of potential activities...
Benefitting the education of 30,000 Kenyan school age children in refugee camps
United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization 2000
This article discusses the aims and level of success of two programmes piloted in Kenyan refugee camps aiming to enrich education: an environmental education, and a peace education programme. Some of the projects aims were to: ...
Cuba needs to maintain and sustain its impressive human capital
C. Brundenius / Danish Institute for International Studies 2000
This article stresses that one of the great achievements of the Cuban Revolution is its sustained commitment to investment in human capital. This historical development is discussed in this paper. The article indicates that: ...
Telecentre investment opportunities and design recommendations
F. J Proenza; R. Bastidas-Buch; G. Montero 2001
Examines some of the main telecentre experiments in Latin America (especially Central America and the Caribbean). Survey results provide a characterisation of users; help identify the main uses of cabinas and their needs; and perceive...
Understanding the impact of social and economic change on child well-being in Bulgaria
G. Roumiana; K. Alexandre / UNICEF Innocenti Research Centre 2000
The paper investigates the changes that occurred over the last decade in three dimensions of child welfare recognised as fundamental child rights - economic well-being, health and education. Then it concentrates on particularly vulner...
Community participation in traditional irrigation scheme rehabilitation projects in Tanzania: report of a collaborative research project
J. Koopman; R. Kweka; M. Mboya; S.W. Wangwe / Economic and Social Research Foundation, Tanzania 2001
This research article looks at how participatory methods can be used in projects to rehabilitate tradtional irrigation schemes in Tanzania. The research aims at learning how government and NGOs can better support community participati...
The challenges facing the international community in ensuring good basic education for all
K. Watkins / Oxfam 2000
Summaries of chapters Chapter 1 examines the critical role of education in human development and poverty reduction. Concludes that that role is becoming more important as globalisation and technological change increase ...
Why do family businesses still flourish?
R. Chami / International Monetary Fund 2001
This article stresses the importance and proliferation of family businesses. Indeed the article indicates that family businesses make up forty percent of the Fortune 500 companies in the US, generate about two-thirds of the German GDP...
What measures of social protection can be put in place both to alleviate poverty and to minimize the risk that individuals fall into poverty?
International Labour Organization 2000
Increasing globalization and trade liberalization are creating greater insecurity for many income earners. This study examines the changing context in which women and men are trying to achieve income security for themselves and their ...
Still working into old age - the Indonesian perspective
L. Cameron; D.A. Cobb-Clark / Institute for the Study of Labor, Bonn 2001
Without broad-based public pension schemes, the majority of the elderly in developing countries are left to rely on their own current and accumulated earnings and support from children as means of old-age support. The authors d...
Items 2351 to 2360 of 2532

Items 2351 to 2351 of 2351

The intimate enemy: Gender Violence and Reproductive Health
Panos Institute, London 1998
Gender violence causes more death and disability among women aged 15 to 44 than cancer, malaria, traffic accidents or even war. The World Health Organization believes that at least one in five women has been physically or sexually abu...
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End Child Marriage Now (African Union)
The AU Commission’s Campaign to End Child Marriage in Africa aims to combat negative practices that impinge on or contravene the rights and welfare of the child, in particular the girl-child. Child brides are a strong reflection of pervasive gender discrimination.
Children's Geographies
Children's Geographies is a peer-reviewed journal that provides an international forum to discuss issues that impact upon the geographical worlds of children and young people under the age of 25 and of their families. The journal aims to be accessible to new researchers, including postgraduate students and academics at an early stage of their research careers, and to practitioners with an inter...
International Journal of Educational Development
Impact Initiative
The Impact Initiative for international development research aims to increase the uptake and impact of research from two research programmes jointly funded by the UK’s Economic and Social Research Council (ESRC) and Department for International Development (DFID): the Joint Fund for Poverty Alleviation Research and the Raising Learning Outcomes in Education Systems Rese...
Equity for Children
Equity for Children is an initiative of the Studley Graduate Program of International Affairs (SGPIA) at The New School in New York City. Our organization strives to advance an agenda of social justice, human rights and social equality for children worldwide in order to strengthen children’s well being by diminishing child poverty, marginalization and inequality.
Youth Empowerment Alliance (YEA)
The Youth Empowerment Alliance, Inc. (YEA) is an international NGO focused on the creation, implementation and advisement of global projects that enhance the lives of children. Established in 1999 as a United States-based 501(c)(3) non-profit organization, YEA has earned an international reputation for its creative approach to solving societ...
POPPOV / Population and Poverty Research Network
The PopPov network is a group of academic researchers, funders, and other stakeholders from around the globe that is interested in how population dynamics (population growth, decline, aging, etc.,) impact economic outcomes. The network is most interested in how population policies can be used for poverty reduction at the household level and economic growth at the country/state level. Th...
KidsRights Foundation
KidsRights promotes the wellbeing of very vulnerable children across the world and advocates the realisation of their rights.
American Institutes for Research (AIR)
Not-for-profit behavioral and social science research and evaluation organisation. Within the United States and internationally, AIR: produces improvements in education, health, and the workforce addresses the needs of individuals, organizations, and communities designs and advances statistical and research methods causes pr...
EQUALITY for Peace and Democracy (EPD)
EQUALITY for Peace and Democracy (EPD) is a nonprofit, non-governmental organisation dedicated to empowering women and youth at the community and policy levels in Afghanistan. EPD works to build the capacity of women and youth in order for them to be the front face in presenting their needs in development, peace building and democratic processes of the country. EPD further aims at mass mobilisatio...
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