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Regional focus: Africa's response to climate risks
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The Eldis Climate Change Resource guide is showcasing regional content from Africa, Asia and Latin America. This week we focus on Africa.

We know that Africa is one of the most vulnerable continents to climate change and evidence from the IPCC Fifth Assessment Report (AR5) shows that 'climate change is expected to have widespread impacts on African society and Africans’ interaction with the natural environment.

Links to a previous blog by Dr. Johnson Nkem, from the African Climate Policy Centre, Eldis climate change country profiles, and regionally focused research readings have been pulled together to feature how Africa is responding to climate stresses and shocks.

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Latest Documents

Green economy scoping study for Saint Lucia
UNEP International Environmental Technology Centre 2016
The scoping study was produced by the Government of Saint Lucia, the Ministry of Sustainable Development, Energy, Science and Technology and UNEP, with the collaboration of the University of the West Indies, and financial support of t...
Synthesising and presenting complex evidence for policy making: Experience with annual report cards
L. Shaxson / Overseas Development Institute 2016
This paper looks at the experience of the Marine Climate Change Impacts Partnership in addressing the challenges of assembling a high-quality body of evidence in an area that is experiencing constant change and where research from a w...
What is resilience?
P. Sturgess; R. Sparrey / Evidence on Demand 2016
Resilience has become a commonly used narrative in a range of international development contexts. This foundational resource presents bite-size chunks of information and signposts to other material with a focus on disaster resilience,...
Risk Management and Financing
P. Sturgess / Evidence on Demand 2016
The resilience concept can be viewed as an adapted approach to risk management in development programming. This resource looks at two key themes: risk assessment and disaster risk financing, through bite-size chunks of information and...
Social Protection and Climate Resilience
C. Wallis; F. Buckle / Evidence on Demand 2016
This learning resource identifies lessons from a range of DFID programmes on how social protection builds climate resilience. It also contains a detailed list of current best reads. It was compiled as a result of consultations with DF...
Climate change, children and poverty: engaging children and youth in policy debate and action
B. Mauger; A. Minujin; S. Cocco-Klein / Comparative Research Programme on Poverty 2016
Children’s vulnerability to climate change can be understood as an intersection of three axes. The first is exposure; the extent to which children live in a physical location that is vulnerable to drought, floods, extreme weather...
The effects of climate change on coastal erosion in West Africa
World Bank Publications 2015
This policy brief notes that the effects of climate change, from changing precipitation patterns to rising seas, will exacerbate coastal erosion already affecting West Africa, increasing the exposure and vulnerability of the people an...
Disaster risk finance as a tool for development: a summary of findings from the Disaster Risk Finance Impact Analytics Project
World Bank Publications 2016
Disaster risk finance aims to increase the resilience of vulnerable countries to the financial impact of disasters as part of a comprehensive approach to disaster risk management. By increasing resilience, disaster risk finance offers...
Mega-dams in the Brazilian Amazon: towards a green, sustainable and inclusive socio-economic paradigm?
R. Luporini; P. Cruz / BRICS Policy Center / Centro de Estudos e Pesquisas BRICS 2015
In the last few decades, and especially in the wake of the recent economic crisis, the global economic landscape has been altered while developing countries, particularly those in the BRICS group, have increased their economic and pol...
Hot, hungry and starved of investment: supporting smallholders to build a climate-resilient agricultural sector in southern Africa
K. Hanks / Oxfam 2016
As the African Development Bank meets in southern Africa, one of the strongest and most sustained El Niño events on record, turbocharged by climate change, is causing severe drought, failed harvests and a hunger crisis across t...
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