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With support from the Climate and Development Knowledge Network (CDKN) this Guide focuses on adaptation, mitigation & development. It particularly looks at the relationship between climate change and other development sectors such as agriculture & food security, natural resource management, poverty & vulnerability, governance, health, gender, finance, & low carbon energy.
How can we effectively work towards sustainable energy for all?
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The Second Annual Sustainable Energy For All (SE4ALL) Forum has been taking place over the past week (18-21 May) in New York. Actors across different sectors have come together to share their learning and experiences and find suitable and concrete solutions. The Climate Change Convenor highlights key resources on Eldis that provide an overview of key issues around SE4ALL and research looking at how people and communities use energy and how sustainable energy can be financed.

Blog: How can we finance sustainable energy for all?
Introductory guide: Pro-poor electricity provision
Introductory guide: Low carbon development
Eldis Climate Change theme: Low carbon energy (over 480 resources)

Latest Documents

A role for innovation prizes to support adaptation to climate change?
M. Marshall; L.O. Naess / Ideas to Impact, 2015
The aim of this paper is to examine the role of innovation prizes in supporting adaptation to climate change in the context of development, in view of two parallel trends: First, a growing interest in applying innovation prizes to int...
Stimulating solutions to energy access through the use of innovation prizes
S. Collings / Ideas to Impact, 2015
Ideas to Impact is a DFID-funded programme which is experimenting with the use of innovation prizes to solve development challenges. The programme covers three broad thematic areas: water and sanitation, energy access and climate adap...
Valuing variability: new perspectives on climate resilient drylands development
This book is a challenge to those who see the drylands as naturally vulnerable to food insecurity and poverty.  It argues that improving agricultural productivity in dryland environments is possible by working with cli...
Alternatives to hydropower
P. Garside; J. Holmquist / Association for International Water and Forest Studies, Norway, 2014
Our argument in this report is that hydropower falls short of being the renewable energy solution. The intrinsic problems of hydropower demands that we explore alternative avenues to supply modern renewable energy. It has been we...
Clever Name, Losing Game? How Climate Smart Agriculture is sowing confusion in the food movement
T. Anderson / ActionAid International, 2014
This report highlights questions being raised about the concept of ‘climate smart’ agriculture (CSA). It highlights that a number of industrialised countries, along with a number of agribusiness corporations, have p...
Climate-smart agriculture: a call to action
World Bank, 2011
This ‘beginner's guide’ to climate-smart agriculture has a focus on Africa. The publication argues that, because of the high vulnerability of rural populations to climate change, Africa stands to benefit from climat...
Corporate-Smart Greenwash: why we reject the Global Alliance on Climate-Smart Agriculture
This statement, signed by a global group of non-governmental organisations (NGOs) rejects the proposal for a Global Alliance for Climate-Smart Agriculture and warns against the concept of ‘climate-smart’ agriculture altoge...
Climate-smart agriculture success stories from farming communities around the world
P. Neate; L. Holt (ed); A. Legroscollard (ed) / Climate Change Agriculture Food Security, 2013
This report showcases 16 initiatives, from the Sahel to Vietnam, which are having a widespread impact on food security, adaptation to climate change and climate change mitigation, and improving the lives of people. These initia...
Economic and social survey of Asia and the Pacific 2015: making growth more inclusive for sustainable development
United Nations Economic and Social Commission for Asia and the Pacific, 2015
This report’s key message is that while policy focus on economic growth is necessary, it is not sufficient for achieving development. It argues that policymakers in Asia and the Pacific will need to internalize the aspects of in...
Forests and climate change after Lima
The Centre for People and Forests, 2015
This report argues that the outcomes of COP 20, which was held in Lima, Peru in 2014, are expected to have a significant impact on developments in the field of forests and climate change over the coming year. It argues that for...
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