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With support from the Climate and Development Knowledge Network (CDKN) this Guide focuses on adaptation, mitigation & development. It particularly looks at the relationship between climate change and other development sectors such as agriculture & food security, natural resource management, poverty & vulnerability, governance, health, gender, finance, & low carbon energy.
An introductory guide: interlinks between water resources and climate change
Water from tap
M. Ostergaard / Panos Pictures
In response to the World Forum in South Korea this week, Eldis is proud to launch the Water Resources and Climate Change Key Issues Guide.

The IPCC Fifth Assessment Report (AR5) highlights how water is an essential crosscutting theme when addressing climate change. It provides new scientific evidence and a major advance about the likelihood of “a detectable human influence on the global water cycle since 1960”. The author, Ramy Hanna, a doctoral researcher at the Institute of the Development Studies provides a brief snapshot of three key issues relevant to the state of uncertainties around climate change and water resources: complex science, development impacts and the trade-offs between water-energy-food security.  Ramy has also selected research readings on each of the above issues.

Latest Documents

Climate change policy in the MENA region: prospects, challenges, and the implication of market instruments
M.H. Babiker; M.A. Fehaid / Economic Research Forum, Egypt, 2011
Given its harsh climate and fragile ecosystems, the MENA region is vulnerable to the physical impacts of climate change; yet, given its high dependency on hydrocarbon resources, the region is also vulnerable to the impacts of climate ...
Integrating urban agriculture and forestry into climate change action plans: Lessons from Western Province, Sri Lanka and Rosario, Argentina
M. Dubbeling / Climate and Development Knowledge Network, 2015
For cities to be sustainable, they need to simultaneously address the vulnerability of people, places and sectors that may be affected by a changing climate; mitigate their greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions; and ensure adequate access to...
The coordination of climate finance in India
V. Jha / Overseas Development Institute, 2014
This paper maps the emergence of climate change policy in India and subsequently traces the evolution of arrangements around climate finance. An early assessment of the climate finance landscape in India suggests that it is a highly c...
Building resilience to climate change locally: The case of Valenzuela City, Metro Manila
M. M.; Lagdameo D. / Climate and Development Knowledge Network, 2015
Valenzuela City is one of the 16 cities that make up ‘Metro Manila’, or the National Capital Region. Of the 144 cities in the Philippines, Valenzuela City is the 13th most populous. It is a highly urbanised and affluent in...
REDD: A Collection of Conflicts, Contradictions and Lies
World Rainforest Movement, 2015
The complexity of REDD initiatives from another perspective. REDD: A Collection of Conflicts, Contradictions and Lies presents summaries of reports from 24 REDD projects or programmes with a common character...
Greenhouse gas emission reduction targets for international shipping
M. Cames; V. Graichen / ├ľko-Institut e.V. - Institute for Applied Ecology, 2015
The latest report of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change suggests that in 2050 global greenhouse gas emissions need to be 40 to 70% below their 2010 levels in order to prevent a global temperature increase of more than 2°...
Effective support for climate change adaptation: Key tasks for the Green Climate Fund in 2015
S. Harmeling; M. Finch / Climate and Development Knowledge Network, 2015
The Green Climate Fund (GCF) made significant progress in 2014. By the end of the year, donor governments had committed an initial US$10.2 billion. Half of this sum will be devoted to adaptation, making the GCF the biggest multil...
Climate Change 2014: Synthesis Report
R.,K. Pachauri (ed); L.,A. Meyer (ed) 2014
An overview of the IPCC Fifth Assessment Report  The Synthesis Report (SYR) of the IPCC Fifth Assessment Report (AR5) provides an overview of the state of knowledge concerning the science of climate change, emphasizing new...
WMO statement on the status of the global climate in 2014
World Meteorological Organization, 2015
WMO's series on the key climate events of 2014 and an in-depth analysis of regional trends. This 2014 series is part of a WMO drive to provide more information at regional and national levels to support adaptation to ...
A Range of Approaches to Address Loss and Damage from Climate Change Impacts in Bangladesh
A. Nishat; N. Mukherjee; E. Roberts; A. Hasemann / Loss and Damage in Vulnerable Countries Initiative, 2013
Bangladesh is one of the countries most vulnerable to climate change, but has increasingly developed national capacity to address climate change impacts. Climate?related hazards are expected to increase in frequency and intensity, how...
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