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Agriculture, food security and climate change

Understanding the current food system and land use management approaches in the context of climate change
What factors influence how African farmers adapt to climate change?
Farner and cart
A. Vitale / Panos Pictures
Exploring ways to help farmers adapt to climate change is of critical importance in Africa. Using a cross-sectional survey of over 8000 farms from 11 African countries, this study analyses various farm-level climate adaptation measures. The authors highlight the need for government support and access to capacity building measures and investments for farmers.

Latest Documents

Implications of land use change in tropical Northern Africa under global warming
T. BrĂ¼cher; M. Claussen; T. Raddatz 2015
This discussion paper asses possible feedbacks between the type of land use and harvest intensity and climate. It highlights that a major link between climate and humans in Northern Africa, and the Sahel in particular, is land ...
Climate change and food security vulnerability assessment: toolkit for assessing community level potential for adaptation to climate change
M. Ulrichs; T. Cannon; A. Newsham; L.O. Naess; M. Marshall / Biodiversity, 2015
This working paper presents aims to help understanding in the interrelations between climate impacts, food systems and livelihood strategies at the local level, while taking into consideration traditional /indigenous knowledge. ...
Organic agriculture and post-2015 development goals: building on the comparative advantage of poor farmers
Setboonsarng true; A. Markandya / Asian Development Bank, 2015
The book makes an evidence-based case for organic agriculture in developing countries, particularly those in Southeast Asia. It argues that organic agriculture has contributed to several of the Millennium Development Goals (MDG...
Food security in a climate perspective. NORAD Annual Report 2014
Norwegian Agency for Development Cooperation - NORAD, 2015
More than 805 million still suffered from undernutrition and hunger in 2014. The vast majority of these people live in developing regions. In Sub-Saharan Africa, one in every fourth person remained undernourished in 2014. The world&rs...
Towards and water and food secure future: critical perspectives for policy-makers
Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations, 2015
This report focuses on the regional and national aspects of food security. It aims to provide policymakers with an overview of the technical and economic aspects of water use in agriculture, with particular emphasis on crop and...
Dynamics of well irrigation systems and CO2 emissions in different agroecosystems of South Central India
K.S. Reddy; M. Kumar; V. Maruthi / Current Science, 2015
This study was undertaken to assess the carbon dioxide emissions for different irrigation systems, in the context of growing demand for adaption of pressurised irrigation with electric pumps in South Central India. The paper ar...
Building climate-resilient food systems for Pacific Islands
J. Bell; M. Taylor / World Fish Center, 2015
This report focuses on the challenges of climate change and food security for the Pacific Islands. It summarises: 1) the projected effects of climate change on agriculture, fisheries and aquaculture in the Pacific region; 2) ad...
Climate change and food systems: Global assessments and implications for food security and trade
A. Elbehri (ed) / Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations, 2015
This book collects the findings of scientists and economists who have taken stock of climate change impacts on food and agriculture at global and regional levels over the past 20 years. The evidence presented describes how glob...
PACC Demonstration Guide: Piloting climate change adaptation in food production and food security on low-lying atolls of Solomon Islands
M. Taylor; C. Supa / Secretariat of the Pacific Regional Environment Programme, 2015
This demonstration guide describes the Solomon Islands Pacific Adaptation to Climate Change (PACC) project. Aimed primarily at climate change practitioners across the Pacific region, it gives details of the planning and executi...
Climate change and the agri-food trade: perceptions of exporters in Peru and Uganda
A. Kasterine; A. Butt; H. de Beule / International Trade Centre, 2015
The report presents the findings of research on the perceptions of agri-food exporters of climate change, providing insight into the perceived needs of business and exporters in responding to climate change impacts in Uganda and Peru....
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More on agriculture and food security

A key issues guide on Climate Smart Agriculture (CSA) has been produced to present an overview of the main issues on this topic. CSA aims for three main benefits: increased food security; resilience to the impacts of climate change (adaptation); and reduced greenhouse gas emissions (mitigation). This introductory guide provides background information on the key objectives of CSA, plus links to useful further research reading and other resources.

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