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Agriculture, food security and climate change

Understanding the current food system and land use management approaches in the context of climate change
What factors influence how African farmers adapt to climate change?
Farner and cart
A. Vitale / Panos Pictures
Exploring ways to help farmers adapt to climate change is of critical importance in Africa. Using a cross-sectional survey of over 8000 farms from 11 African countries, this study analyses various farm-level climate adaptation measures. The authors highlight the need for government support and access to capacity building measures and investments for farmers.

Latest Documents

Climate variability, adaptation strategies and food security in Malawi
S. Asfaw; N. McCarthy; L. Lipper / Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations, 2014
This study has a focus on climate adaptation strategies for farmers in Malawi. This paper assesses farmers’ incentives and conditioning factors that hinder or promote adaptation strategies and evaluates its impact on crop...
Getting caught with our plants down: the risks of a global crop yield slowdown from climate trends in the next two decades
D.B. Lobell; C. Tebaldi / IOPscience, 2014
This paper argues that climate change could have a large impact on crop yields and food security. This paper estimates the risks that climate trends over the next 10 or 20 years could have large impacts on global yields of whea...
Global-to-local modelling of land use dynamics in Vietnam
A. Ruttena; W. van Rooijb; M. van Dijk / Global Trade Analysis Project, 2014
This paper presents the preliminary results of two hypothetical futures for Vietnam, a High Climate Impact and a High Economic Growth Scenario. The results of the study are taken to show that the structure of the Vietnamese eco...
Documentation of research on climate change and human health in southern Africa
O.P. Dube; M.J. Chimbari / University of Copenhagen, 2009
This report focuses on climate change and human health in the Southern Africa Development Community (SADC) region. This report promotes the idea of establishing a knowledge sharing and research network in the region, with speci...
Climate change vulnerability and adaptation preparedness in southern Africa: Zimbabwe country report
T. Chagutah / Heinrich Böll Stiftung Southern Africa, 2010
This report is about the state of knowledge on climate change vulnerability and adaptation preparedness in Zimbabwe. The report is aimed at supporting the demands of state and non-state southern African actors for climate chang...
Opportunities for support to System of Rice Intensification in Tanzania, Zambia and Malawi
J.B. Aune / Noragric, Department of International Environment and Development Studies, Norwegian University of L, 2014
There is a great potential for increasing the production of rice in Tanzania, Zambia and Malawi. Many of the constraints on rice production are similar for the three countries. Common problems are low quality of seeds, lack of access ...
Climate change, food security and trade linkages in South Asia
R.K. Jha; N.K. Singh 2013
This briefing paper examines the linkages between climate change, food security and trade in South Asia. The paper clarifies that the South Asian region is particularly vulnerable to climate change owing to overly utilisation o...
Assessing the costs of climate change and adaptation in South Asia
M. Ahmed; S. Suphachalasai / Asian Development Bank, 2014
This report predicts significant economic losses in South Asia as the region faces the challenge of achieving and sustaining rapid economic growth to reduce poverty and attain other Millennium Development Goals in an era of accentuate...
Learning the hard way? Adapting to climate risk in Tanzania
S.W. Skjeflo; N.B. Westberg / Norwegian University of Life Sciences, 2014
We use recent panel data on Tanzanian farm households to investigate how previous exposure to weather shocks affects the impact of a current shock. Specifically, we investigate the impact of droughts on agricultural outcomes and inves...
Microfinance for ecosystem-based adaptation: options, costs and benefits
J. Buenfil / Programa de las Naciones Unidas para el Medio Ambiente, 2014
With a focus on smallholder farmers, this report explores the microfinance options for the promotion of ecosystem-based, climate change adaptation options. It selects 40 principles which may be implemented independently or in c...
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More on agriculture and food security

A key issues guide on Climate Smart Agriculture (CSA) has been produced to present an overview of the main issues on this topic. CSA aims for three main benefits: increased food security; resilience to the impacts of climate change (adaptation); and reduced greenhouse gas emissions (mitigation). This introductory guide provides background information on the key objectives of CSA, plus links to useful further research reading and other resources.

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