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Climate change adaptation

Lowering the risks posed by the consequences of climate change, carried out in response to or in anticipation of changes in climatic conditions

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From response to resilience: adaptation in a global climate agreement
V. Mathur; A. Mohan / Observer Research Foundation, New Delhi, 2015
Current global climate policy has focused on building consensus around a differentiated roadmap for reducing greenhouse gas emissions. Equally important yet receiving less attention is the need to support adaptation of the most vulner...
Technology and climate change: innovation and partnerships for transformational change
V. Mathur; A. Mohan / Observer Research Foundation, New Delhi, 2015
The world is facing a climate-change challenge that requires nothing short of a technological revolution to address. Yet the current patterns of technology development and diffusions are not transformative enough; nor are they happeni...
Closing the gender gap in climate-smart agriculture
S. Vermeulen / Consultative Group on International Agricultural Research, 2015
Climate-smart agriculture (CSA) has become a central concept shaping action and bringing together constituencies at the global level on agriculture and climate change often with explicit attention to how interventions in agriculture a...
Inclusive resilience – stories of small marginal woman farmers
N. Mani; V. Pandey 2015
The activities covered under this study in India cover some of the gendered impacts of climate change. The impact of the climate change are adding extra pressure on woman farmers in agriculture and impacting the fodder, fuel wood...
Africa’s smallholders adapting to climate change: the need for national governments and international climate finance to support women producers
C. Pettengell / Oxfam, 2015
The policy briefing calls outlines the need for national governments and international climate finance to support women producers and to scale-up resourcing and effective use of adaptation finance. Women smallholder produc...
Vulnerability and impacts assessment for adaptation planning in the Panchase mountain ecological region Nepal
A. Dixit; M. Karki; A. Shukla / UNEP Finance Initiative, 2015
This report is a presentation of the tools and methods of a vulnerability and impacts assessment (VIA) of both climatic and non-climatic changes on ecosystem services and community livelihoods in the Panchase Mountain Ecological Regio...
Flood-induced economic loss and damage to the textile industry in Surat City, India
C. Bahinipati; U. Rajasekar; A. Acharya; M. Patel / International Institute for Environment and Development, 2015
Enhancing a city’s resilience capacity is key for policymakers where there are plans to redevelop cities into ‘climate-smart’ cities. Researchers suggest that this needs a comprehensive city-wide loss and d...
Disasters without borders: regional resilience for sustainable development
United Nations Economic and Social Commission for Asia and the Pacific, 2016
This report offers insights on how to operationalize the process of disaster risk reduction and integration in a way that fosters risk-sensitive development. A critical part of disaster risk management is getting the ri...
Responses to weather and climate: A cross-section analysis of rural incomes
F. Noack; S. Wunder; A. Angelsen; J. Börner / World Bank, 2015
This paper was commissioned by the World Bank Group’s Climate Change Cross-Cutting Solutions Area and is a background paper for the World Bank Group’s flagship report: “Shock Waves: Managing the Impacts of Climate Ch...
Cultivating good practice in designing and implementing national monitoring systems for adaptation to climate change
P. Naswa; S. Traerup / The Climate Technology Centre and Network (CTCN), 2015
How can the monitoring and evaluation of climate change adaptation best use today's indicators and data systems to get a common understanding of measurable change? This paper examines the benefits of using data well in the cont...
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