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Climate change adaptation

Lowering the risks posed by the consequences of climate change, carried out in response to or in anticipation of changes in climatic conditions

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Facing Uncertainty: the value of climate information for adaptation, risk reduction and resilience in Africa
M. Ambani; F. Percy; E. White (ed); N. Ward (ed) 2014
This report puts participatory scenario planning (PSP - a multi-stakeholder platform for making seasonal climate forecasts useful) into the broader context of climate communication, with a focus on Africa. It is aimed at new us...
Using ICT to reduce transaction costs in agriculture through better communication: A case-study from Sri Lanka
Secretariat of the Pacific Regional Environment Programme, 2014
This paper focuses on the mainstreaming of gender into climate change adaptation at all levels in the Pacific islands region – from national policy to on-the-ground initiatives. It argues that there is universal benefit w...
Chololo Ecovillage: a model of good practice in climate change adaptation and mitigation
Global Climate Change Alliance, 2014
Chololo Ecovillage is a part of The Global Climate Change Alliance (GCCA), an initiative of the European Union. This report argues that it provides an exemplary and empowering examples for communities to test, evaluate and apply a wid...
Climate change impacts and adaptation in South Africa
Wiley Online Library, 2014
This paper reviews current approaches and recent advances in research on climate impacts and adaptation in South Africa. It finds that established research on the biophysical impacts of climate change on key sectors (water, agr...
Protecting our capital: How climate adaptation in cities creates a resilient place for business
CDP, 2014
This report is based on the disclosure of cities’ climate mitigation, adaptation and water management data. It argues that cities are leading the way on climate change. In 2014, 108 cities reported their carbon emiss...
Climate Change Vulnerability Assessment: Honiara, Solomon Islands
A.S. Rodil / United Nations [UN] Environment Programme, 2014
The vulnerability and adaptation assessment for Honiara is to provide national and local government decision makers and community leaders with information relevant to defining their adaptation priorities and plans, with the view of ev...
Women’s empowerment at the frontline of adaptation emerging issues, adaptive practices, and priorities in Nepal
D. Devi Gurung; S. Bisht / International Centre for Integrated Mountain Development, 2014
This study argues that there is a major knowledge gap in relation to the impact of multiple drivers of change on women in Nepal and women’s role in adaptation to climate change and managing natural resources. The scoping ...
The effectiveness of climate finance: a review of the Adaptation Fund
N.C. Trujillo; S. Nakhooda / Overseas Development Institute, 2013
This working paper looks at the effectiveness of the Adaptation Fund which has piloted new approaches to delivering climate finance. The Fund is partly capitalised through a 2 per cent levy on the Clean Development Mechanism. T...
Finding the money: a stock taking of climate change adaptation finance and governance in Nepal
P. Baral; R.P. Chhetri / Oxfam, 2014
This report reviews climate change adaptation finance committed to Nepal from public sources of international finance during the period 2009 to 2012. Projects and programmes are categorized in six types – pure adaptation ...
The IPCC’s Fifth Assessment Report: What’s in it for Small Island Developing States?
E. Carabine; M. Dupar / Climate and Development Knowledge Network, 2014
CDKN summary of the IPCC Fifth Assessment Report, from a small island developing state perspective. The report moves on to discuss the impacts of climate change on SIDS development across a number of themes: tourism, coastal and marine ec...
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