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Climate change adaptation

Lowering the risks posed by the consequences of climate change, carried out in response to or in anticipation of changes in climatic conditions

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Assessing Mali’s Direction Nationale De La Météorologie Agrometeorological Advisory Program: preliminary report on the climate science and farmer use of advisories
E.R. Carr / USA Agency for International Development, 2014
In June 2011, USAID organized a West African Adaptation Workshop under the Adaptation Partnership in Dakar, Senegal. The workshop had several goals, including improving the awareness of and demand for climate services in the region am...
Gender and climate change adaptation in agrarian settings
E.R. Carr; M.C. Thompson / US Agency for International Development, 2013
The impacts of climate variability and change on the rural poor in the Global South become more pronounced with each passing year. While entire communities and regions will be exposed to the same changing temperatures and precipitatio...
Analysis and mapping of climate change risk and vulnerability in Central Rift Valley of Ethiopia
L. Gizachew; A. Shimelis / African Crop Science Society, 2014
This journal article argues that there is growing demand for spatially explicit information among stakeholders across public and private institutions regarding vulnerability to climate change at the local scale. This study was conduct...
Are trees buffering ecosystems and livelihoods in agricultural landscapes of the Lower Mekong Basin? Consequences for climate-change adaptation
M. Ha Hoang; M. van Noordwijk; J. Fox / World Agroforestry Centre, 2014
This working paper analyses 1) the impacts of continuing land-use and climate changes in the Lower Mekong Basin (LMB) region; and 2) the potential role of increased use of trees in agricultural landscapes to reduce the negative impact...
Design for improved water supply and water management in Hihifo district, Tonga
Secretariat of the Pacific Regional Environment Programme, 2014
This report provides design details and costs for the proposed long-term improvements to the water supply system at Hihifo on the island of Tongatapu, Kingdom of Tonga. This is part of the demonstration project under the Pacific Adapt...
Guidelines for the design and implementation of community-managed water storage in Tuvalu
L. Bouchet / Secretariat of the Pacific Regional Environment Programme, 2014
These guidelines were developed as part of the Pacific Adaptation to Climate Change (PACC) project which aims to build resilience to drought by improving the Tuvalu’s water resources management. The publication details th...
Agroforestry, livestock, fodder production and climate change adaptation and mitigation in East Africa: issues and options
I.K. Dawson; S. Carsan; S. Franzel / World Agroforestry Centre, 2014
This working paper argues that agroforestry and livestock-keeping both have the potential to promote anthropogenic climate change resilience and support each other in this context. The paper discusses relevant issues in East Af...
Fair share: climate finance to vulnerable countries
N. Bird / Overseas Development Institute [ES], 2014
This briefing argues that the international community has failed to put in place, at sufficient scale, either the financing or the delivery mechanisms needed to strengthen the resilience and enhance the adaptation capabilities of vuln...
Building climate resilience: a training manual for community based climate change adaptation
R.W. Solar / Adaptation Knowledge Platform, 2014
This training manual aims to provide climate change adaptation trainers and learners with a practice-based adaptation knowledge, and a process to assess, analyze, and plan for focused climate change adaptation initiatives within their...
Linking food security, climate adaptation and carbon management: a case study from Indonesia
Y.P.K. Suny; J.A. Lassa / Institute of Resource Governance and Social Change, 2014
This paper explores how food security, adaptation and carbon management objectives can be achieved at the local level? Constraints and opportunities are discussed from a local context in Indonesia. This paper argues that withou...
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