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Climate change adaptation

Lowering the risks posed by the consequences of climate change, carried out in response to or in anticipation of changes in climatic conditions

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Agricultural resilience in the face of crisis and shocks
I. Boto (ed); R. Pandya-Lorch (ed) / Small Island Economies - CTA Brussels, 2013
Disaster risk can increase or decrease over time according to a country’s ability to manage its vulnerability and risk governance capacities. In recent decades, countries in all regions have strengthened their capacities to redu...
Assessing climate service needs In Kaffrine, Senegal: livelihoods, identity, and vulnerability to climate variability and change
E.R. Carr (ed); G. Fleming (ed); T. Kalala (ed) / Development Experience Clearinghouse, USAID, 2015
For those whose livelihoods revolve around rain-fed agriculture, climate services have the potential to reduce precipitation- and temperature-related risks to agricultural production, boost agricultural yields by enabling appropriate ...
Assessing Mali’s L’agence Nationale De La Météorologie’s (Mali Meteo) Agrometeorological Advisory Program: final report on the farmer use of advisories and implications for climate service design
E.R. Carr (ed); S. Onzere (ed); T. Kalala (ed) / Development Experience Clearinghouse, USAID, 2015
This report marks the completion of the first detailed assessment of the function and impact of an operational climate services for development program, Mali’s L’Agence Nationale de la Météorologie’s (M...
Literature review on energy access and adaptation to climate change
N. Perera (ed); E. Boyd (ed); G. Wilkins (ed); R. Phillips Itty / Evidence on Demand, 2015
Despite the understanding and the clear overarching benefits of access to energy in addressing the various dimensions of development and poverty reduction, to date there has been little discussion on energy access within the context o...
Climate Information and Services for Africa (CIASA) – literature review
Evidence on Demand, 2015
As part of the scoping for the design of the Climate and Information Services for Africa programme (CIASA), this report provides a short literature review on user needs, gaps and potential intervention options. It adopts the structure...
Climate Information and Services for Africa (CIASA) – scoping, options analysis and design
Evidence on Demand, 2015
There have been many initiatives to strengthen weather and climate information and services across Africa in the last decade or so, with numerous valuable outcomes. However, it is commonly observed that availability and uptake of info...
Climate change adaptation in dynamic economies: The cases of Colombia and West Bengal
A. Kocornik-Mina; S. Fankhauser / Global Green Growth Institute, 2015
This policy brief explores the implications of dynamic economic development for adaptation to climate change. Policy lessons are derived from two case studies, the country of Colombia and the Indian state of West Bengal. The ca...
Reinvigorating international climate policy: a comprehensive framework for effective nonstate action
Social Science Research Network, 2015
This article suggests functions and design principles for a new, comprehensive framework for sub- and nonstate climate actions that could provide effective coordination. It is published in advance of the Paris international cli...
Climate change and the agriculture crisis: agroecology as a solution
P. Laxmi Thapa / Focus on the Global South, 2015
This report seeks to answer several questions on climate change, its causes, how it will affect people’s lives and environment and the importance of agroecology within this. It explores how agroecology farms hold immense ...
Making it count: integrating gender in climate change and Disaster Risk Reduction
M. Coulier; D. Konstantinidis / CARE International, 2015
This guide gives suggestions on how to practically address gender and women’s empowerment in climate change and disaster risk reduction (DRR) projects, or projects which have integrated climate change and DRR considerations. It ...
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