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Climate change adaptation

Lowering the risks posed by the consequences of climate change, carried out in response to or in anticipation of changes in climatic conditions

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Participation and planning for climate change – Lessons from an experimental project in Maputo, Mozambique
V. Castán Broto / Department of Agricultural and Food Economics, University of Reading 2015
Mozambique is highly vulnerable to natural disasters, in particular those of hydro-meteorological origin such as floods, drought and cyclones. Increases in both temperature and average precipitation due to climate change will exacerba...
Forest adjacent households’ voices on their perceptions and adaptation strategies to climate change in Kilombero District, Tanzania
C. Balama / Springer 2016
Climate change is a global and local challenge to both sustainable livelihoods and economic development. Tanzania as other countries of the world has been affected. Several studies have been conducted on farmers’ perceptions and ...
Green economy scoping study for Saint Lucia
UNEP International Environmental Technology Centre 2016
The scoping study was produced by the Government of Saint Lucia, the Ministry of Sustainable Development, Energy, Science and Technology and UNEP, with the collaboration of the University of the West Indies, and financial support of t...
The effects of climate change on coastal erosion in West Africa
World Bank Publications 2015
This policy brief notes that the effects of climate change, from changing precipitation patterns to rising seas, will exacerbate coastal erosion already affecting West Africa, increasing the exposure and vulnerability of the people an...
Unfinished business: how to close the post-Paris adaptation finance gap
T. Carty; A. Le Comte / Oxfam 2016
This policy briefing notes that international support for climate change adaptation falls short of what is needed. Latest estimates indicate that only 16 per cent of international climate finance is currently dedicated to adaptation &...
Changing climate, changing disasters: pathways towards integration
K. Harris / Institute of Development Studies, Sussex [ES] 2012
The Climate Smart Disaster Risk Management (CSDRM) approach helps to tackle disasters, poverty and adaptation through improved integration. It is for disaster risk managers, created by disaster risk managers. The CSDRM approach respon...
Learning to tackle climate change
T. Tanner / Institute of Development Studies, Sussex [ES] 2012
How can continuous learning and reflection help tackle climate change in the context of wider development challenges? This interactive PDF aims to support ongoing learning by those inside and outside DFID to develop their own l...
Impact assessment report and national adaptation strategy and action plan to address climate change in the tourism sector of Saint Lucia: volume I
Caribbean Community Climate Change Centre 2015
Saint Lucia experiences several stresses with the onset of climate change. Issues related to droughts during unusually extended dry periods, and significant flooding and subsequent damage from tropical systems have been high on the ag...
An assessment of the economic and social impacts of climate change on the tourism sector in the Caribbean: policy brief
United Nations [UN] Economic Commission for Latin America and the Caribbean 2013
For most people, the Caribbean is synonymous with tropical islands with exotic flora and fauna, surrounded by blue seawater and white sandy beaches where the tourism industry can be disaggregated into cruise, all-inclusive, special in...
Transformation: theory and practice in climate change and development
A. Bahadur; Thomas Tanner / IDS Reference Database 2012
There is growing debate on the need for transformational approaches to tackle the challenges facing development in the face of climate change. If current incremental approaches to preventing dangerous climate change and adapting to th...
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