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Climate change adaptation

Lowering the risks posed by the consequences of climate change, carried out in response to or in anticipation of changes in climatic conditions

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Transformation: theory and practice in climate change and development
A. Bahadur; Thomas Tanner / IDS Reference Database 2012
There is growing debate on the need for transformational approaches to tackle the challenges facing development in the face of climate change. If current incremental approaches to preventing dangerous climate change and adapting to th...
Impact assessment and national adaptation strategy and action plan to address climate change in the tourism sector of Saint Lucia: volume II
Caribbean Community Climate Change Centre 2015
Saint Lucia experiences several stresses with the onset of climate change, issues related to droughts during unusually extended dry periods and significant flooding and subsequent damage from tropical systems have been high on the age...
Climate change and the Caribbean: review and response
M.A. Taylor / Caribbean Studies 2012
Caribbean economies, lifestyles, activities, practices and operational cycles are intricately linked to climate, making them vulnerable to its variations and/or changes. As examples, climate extremes impact agriculture, fisheries, hea...
The role of private investment in increasing climate friendly technologies in developing countries
Stephany Griffith-Jones / IDS Reference Database 2009
This paper contributes to a review examining the responsibilities of developed and developing countries alongside the relative roles of the public and private sector in developing climate friendly technologies. The paper focuses on th...
Climate smart disaster risk management
T. Mitchell / Institute of Development Studies UK 2010
Current efforts to reduce the impact of disasters are falling short of the mark. The climate is changing and weather patterns are becoming increasingly extreme and unpredictable (IPCC, 2007). Coupled with other evolving threats to hum...
Timescales of transformational climate change adaptation in sub-Saharan African agriculture
U. Rippke / Nature [journal] 2016
Climate change is projected to constitute a significant threat to food security if no adaptation actions are taken. Transformation of agricultural systems, for example switching crop types or moving out of agriculture, is proje...
Green economy scoping study: Saint Lucia
K. Niles / United Nations Environment and Development Forum 2016
The scoping study recmmends that green toursim is mainstraemed by the Government of Saint Lucia as a crucial part of its drive towards sustainability, suppporting biodiversity and reducing negative impacts on the environemnt. I...
Resilience: the big picture - top themes and trends
Overseas Development Institute 2016
Building resilience – the practice of ‘making people, communities and systems better prepared to withstand catastrophic events (both natural and manmade) and able to bounce back mo...
Technical guidance on choosing targets for reducing natural disaster risk
Overseas Development Institute 2014
This briefing assesses trends in disaster deaths, economic losses and the impact of disasters on poverty to help Open Working Group (OWG) members to formulate targets that are both politically acceptable and technically robust. Accord...
Disaster risk management in post-2015 development goals: potential targets and indicators
Overseas Development Institute 2016
Disasters can hamper economic growth, affect poverty levels and cause human suffering. Without significant action, the extent and impact of economic and social damage associated with disasters will get worse over the next 20 years, la...
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