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Gender and climate change

Focus on gender equality and the role that both women and men play in responding to climate change
Gender and climate change: research gaps, policies and best practices
Women carrying baskets
J. Horner / Panos Pictures
This paper outlines key linkages between climate change and gender inequality, focusing particularly on adaptation and mitigation policies and practices. The authors note that while there is a wealth of literature on gender-based issues related to environment and disasters, there are few references to gender and climate change.

Latest Documents

Gender in climate-smart agriculture: module 18 for gender in agriculture sourcebook
World Bank Publications 2015
This module provides guidance and a comprehensive menu of practical tools for integrating gender in the planning, design, implementation, and evaluation of projects and investments in climate-smart agriculture (CSA). The module emphas...
Vulnerability to climate change and adaptation strategies of local communities in Malawi: experiences of women fish-processing groups in the Lake Chilwa Basin
H. Jørstad; C. Webersik / Earth System Dynamics 2016
In recent years, research on climate change and human security has received much attention among policy makers and academia alike. Communities in the Global South that rely on an intact resource base and struggle with poverty,...
Gender, livestock and reducing greenhouse gas emissions in Costa Rica
C.R. Farnworth / Climate Change Agriculture Food Security 2016
Costa Rica is developing a Nationally Appropriate Mitigation Action (NAMA) that will provide climate finance for best livestock management practices that generate climate change mitigation benefits. The LivestockPlus research project,...
Gender dimensions of vulnerability to climate change in China
UN Women 2016
China is vulnerable to the adverse impacts of climate change in various ways, including through disasters such as floods, droughts and typhoons, and is therefore a key player in the global efforts to mitigate climate change. ...
Women-led agroforestry and improved cookstoves in Honduras Field evaluation of farmer-led gender-transformative strategies for low emissions agriculture
Climate Change Agriculture Food Security 2016
This paper outlines the development of a women-led agroforestry and improved cookstoves project in Honduras. Analysis aims to contribute to learning for future projects, especially projects aiming to improve gender relations. The proj...
Gender dynamics in rice-farming households in Vietnam: a literature review
A. Gallina; C.R. Farnworth / Climate Change Agriculture Food Security 2016
This literature review is part of the CCAFS program on low emission agriculture flagship of the CGIAR Research Program on Climate Change, Agriculture and Food Security. It serves as a background document to better understand g...
Integrating gender into climate change adaptation programs: a research and capacity needs assessment for Sub-Saharan Africa
Climate Change Agriculture Food Security 2016
Research shows that paying attention to gender matters not only for the equity of climate change adaptation programs but also for their efficiency and effectiveness. Many organizations working to increase resilience to climate change ...
Advancing gender equality in the post-2020 climate regime
J. Tenzing; S. Andrei; S. Gama / International Institute for Environment and Development 2015
Research and evidence show that women and men are vulnerable to climate change to varying degrees, and that they experience and respond to it in different ways. Policies and actions that overlook the gendered impacts of and re...
Climate change knows no borders: an analysis of climate induced migration, protection gaps and need for solidarity in South Asia
T. Anderson; Md. Shamsuddoha; A. Dixit / ActionAid International 2016
Climate change is having devastating impacts on communities’ lives, livelihoods and food security across South Asia. Its consequences are so severe that it is increasingly contributing to migration, and this incidence is likely t...
Gender and inclusion toolbox: participatory research in climate change and agriculture
Climate Change Agriculture Food Security 2016
This manual introduces a wide range of participatory strategies and tools for research to guide the implementation of climate smart agriculture and efforts to achieve food security in rural communities. It is intended for NGO ...
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Gender KIG
This introductory guide examines the linkages between gender and climate change made in policy and action on climate change. It introduces the ongoing debates and key resources, especially with regard to i) climate change impacts and responses, ii) climate policy and finance and iii) women’s leadership and empowerment – a key element of bringing gender equality into the global response to climate change.