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Governance and climate change

Building effective and good governance structures to manage and plan for climate change

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The changing role of NGOs in supporting climate services
L. Jones; B. Harvey; R. Godfrey-Wood / Overseas Development Institute 2016
Growing recognition of the importance of expanding access to locally appropriate services has led NGOs to play an increasing role as brokers and intermediaries of climate information. This report examines the evolving role of n...
Climate change policy inventory and analysis for Tanzania
M.E. Daly; P.Z. Yanda; J.J. West / Center for International Climate and Environmental Research, Oslo 2015
This report is an output of the Global Framework for Climate Services Adaptation Programme in Africa. The goal of the report is to: 1) assess the extent to which climate change concerns have been integrated or mainstreamed into nation...
Enhancing the climate resilience of Africa's infrastructure: the roads and bridges sector
Roads are a key asset for Africa. They connect villages to economic centers, people to hospitals, children to schools and goods to markets facilitating trade. This report examines the implications of climate change for Africa’s r...
The Republic of the Marshall Islands: disaster management reference handbook
Center of Excellence in Disaster Management and Humanitarian Assistance 2016
The Disaster Management Reference Handbook Series is intended to provide decision makers, planners, responders and disaster management practitioners with an overview of the disaster management structure, policies, laws, and plans for ...
Peri-urban water security: an agenda for water governance
Water Security in Peri-Urban South Asia 2013
Water governance needs to mainstream peri­-urban water security.  As cities grow, policy makers and planners focus onmeeting the needs of  urban populations. This happens at the expense of the peri-urban and the rural. F...
Power, social capital and differential vulnerabilities: a study of water access in a peri-urban village of Haryana
Water Security in Peri-Urban South Asia 2013
This article deals with the subject of water access in a peri-urban village of Haryana. It describes how power and social capital influence the flow of water. It argues that political power is a significant determinant influencing wat...
Climate of the Nation 2016: Australian attitudes on climate change
The Climate Institute 2016
Climate of the Nation is Australia’s longest running survey benchmarking community attitudes on climate change. Research shown here, and that of others, has identified mid-2012 as marking the low point in support for clim...
Human rights implications of climate change mitigation actions
CDM Watch 2015
Parties to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) have recognized that they should fully respect human rights in all climate-related actions, and, at the time they negotiated the 1992 UNFCCC in Rio de Janei...
There is no time left: climate change, environmental threats, and human rights in Turkana County, Kenya
Human Rights Watch 2015
This report is based on research in Turkana County in northwestern Kenya. Turkana County borders South Sudan, Ethiopia and Uganda. Turkana County is home to a rapidly growing population that is among the poorest in Kenya. ...
Environmental costs of China’s new law on foreign NGOs
Centre for Chinese Studies, University of Stellenbosch 2016
In 2015, China's People's Congress revised and ratified a controversial foreign non-governmental organisation (NGO) management law that is set to take effect in 2017. According to reports, the new law will directly affect approximatel...
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