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Benefits of Community radio as a tool for social learning on climate change


Benefits of Community radio as a tool for social learning on climate change

Community radio offers some key benefits over other media for engaging with local communities on climate change, particularly in rural areas in many parts of Africa and Asia.

First, it is communicated orally, using local language, and at relatively low cost – meaning that it is accessible to people who cannot access other media. Secondly, community radio is frequently paired with other communication tools such as mobile phones for call-in shows, or face to face listening groups which enhance uptake of the information being shared, and creates a platform for two-way exchanges and learning between a wide range of actors. Finally, the use of radio for dialogue need not be restricted to the community level. This platform can be used to get messages from one community to others, link with national broadcasters to engage country-wide, and link with global networks like the World Association of Community Radio Broadcasters (AMARC) to take messages to the global level.


Image credits: Nyani Quarmyne/ Interview being conducted by community radio broadcaster in Ghana

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