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Examples of good practice: three case studies

Examples of good practice: three case studies

Bravos de Zambezi (Mozambique): Launched in March 2010, ‘Zambezi Braves’ is an initiative that combined a 26-episode radio drama produced in two languages with training for community radio journalists to convey information around disaster risk reduction and floods and build local capacity for reporting on disasters and climate change.

Climate Airwaves (Ghana): Climate airwaves is a pilot initiative between the Institute of Development Studies and the Ghana Community Radio Network aimed at developing the capacity of broadcasters to conduct participatory action research, conducted on the ground and on the air, into community experiences of climate change and translate them into advocacy messages for researchers and decision makers.

Krishi Radio (Bangladesh): Krishi Radio offers a daily evening programme designed to address climate-related problems that farmers and fishermen commonly face, broadcasting expert advice and hosting call-in discussions to discuss potential response options. The broadcasting is offered alongside support offered by the local agricultural department.

Image credit: Nyani Quarmyne/ Climate change training with Ghana Community Radio Network

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