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Land management and avoiding deforestation

Deforestation is a significant source of carbon emissions in a few large tropical rainforest nations (for example D.R. Congo and Indonesia) and in low income countries, where it arises because of agriculture. Taking effective steps to avoid deforestation is complex. Finance attached to the REDD (reducing emission through avoided deforestation and forest degradation) initiative can in principle provide an incentive to stop unsustainable exploitation of forests. However, access and property rights to forest resources are often unclear, and policy makers must be careful not to exclude local, often marginalised groups. As a result, the best projects involve all relevant stakeholders. They also involve good monitoring, and check that they don’t result in the deforestation problem simply moving elsewhere (so called “leakage”). The complexity means that there is still a lot of experimentation and learning going on in this area.

Photo credit: Arne Hoel/World Bank

The outcome for forests emerging from Cancun
C. Parker (ed) / Global Canopy Programme 2011
This policy brief concerns the landmark decision on reducing emissions from deforestation and forest degradation (REDD) reached in Cancun. The REDD decision states that developing country Parties can contribute to mitigation actions i...
Carbon scam: Noel Kempff climate action project and the push for sub-national forest offsets
A. Densham; R. Czebiniak; D. Kessler; R. Skar / Greenpeace International 2009
This paper examines the Noel Kempff Climate Action Project (NKCAP) as a prototype for future sub-national projects to reduce emissions from deforestation and degradation (REDD). It evaluates the ability of the project to deliver on cl...
Rising global interest in farmland: can it yield sustainable and equitable benefits?
K. Deininger; D. Byerlee; J. Lindsay / World Bank 2011
This paper analyses issues that affect the role of agriculture as a source of economic development, rural livelihoods and environmental services. Using experiences of land expansion in Asia, Latin America and the Caribbean, Eastern Eu...
Do trees grow on money? The implications of deforestation research for policies to promote REDD
M. Kanninen; D. Murdiyarso; F. Seymour / Center for International Forestry Research 2007
This paper provides a brief overview of the current knowledge and data on deforestation rates, research on the causes of deforestation and forest degradation and relevant policy options. It highlights issues of particular relevance to...