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The Guide examines the drivers and dynamics of inter and intra-state conflicts such as ethnicity and competition for natural resources. It also highlights current approaches and responses to conflict prevention and resolution and best practice in the design of security and peacebuilding programmes.
Improving lives and reducing violence through provision of services
How can the provision of services and economic opportunities reduce violence and improve lives? A high-level roundtable organised by the IDS Addressing and Mitigating Violence (AMV) research team explored the complex links between poverty, violence, insecurity and the provision of services, drawing on four case studies from within Nairobi, Mumbai, and Kathmandu.

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Arab countries between Winter and Spring: where democracy shock goes next!
H. Abdel-Latif; T. Mishra; A. Staneva / Economic Research Forum, Egypt, 2015
In recent years while the centrality of democracy in almost every facet of economic and social life has been well-established, the attention has now shifted towards capturing and modelling the possible ways a change in democratic sett...
Political instability, uncertainty, democracy, and economic growth in Egypt
H.E.M. Abdelkader / Economic Research Forum, Egypt, 2015
This paper aims to determine if there is a relationship between political instability, uncertainty, and political regime, on the one hand, and economic growth in Egypt, on the other. According to the literature, there is a relationshi...
To protect or to intervene?: contesting R2P as a norm in South Africa’s foreign policy
A. Bizos / South African Institute of International Affairs, 2015
The “responsibility to protect” (R2P) allows international community to intervene when states are unable or unwilling to protect their citizens from genocide, war crimes, ethnic cleansing and crimes against humanity. This ...
Co-operation in the South Atlantic Zone: amplifying the African agenda
A. Lalbahadur; N. Grobbelaar; R.D. Plessisaf / South African Institute of International Affairs, 2015
South Africa’s foreign policy prioritises peaceful and sustainable growth in Africa by maximising its external engagements in increasingly strategic ways. This paper calls for South Africa to consider broadening its engagement w...
The African capacity for immediate response to crisis: advice for African policymakers
M. Broslg; N. SempIjja / South African Institute of International Affairs, 2015
Despite the operationalisation of the African Standby Force (ASF) within the AU security system, rapid reaction remains a challenging task. The current paper states that the African Capacity for Immediate Response to Crisis (ACIRC) ha...
Shifting security challenges in the China–Africa relationship
R. Anthony; H. Esterhuyse; M. Burgess / South African Institute of International Affairs, 2015
China’s involvement in African security has deepened in recent years. This policy insights paper discusses three aspects of the China–Africa security relationship to highlight some of the evolving challenges and the ways i...
Concept briefing notes: Concept briefing no. 21, February 2015
Nigeria Stability and Reconciliation Programme, 2015
Two factors affected conflict dynamics in Nigeria in February 2015: the postponement of elections and the reported successes of coordinated counter-insurgency campaigns. In this respect, the current brief shows that tensions over diss...
Concept briefing no. 22, March 2015
Nigeria Stability and Reconciliation Programme, 2015
The major developments in March 2015 were the success of counter-insurgency mobilisations in North East Nigeria and the largely peaceful conduct of the presidential and national assembly elections. The current “conflict briefing...
Concept briefing notes: Concept briefing no. 23, April 2015
Nigeria Stability and Reconciliation Programme, 2015
There was considerable improvement in the security situation in the North East Nigeria in April 2015. The current “conflict briefing note” indicates that this is the result of successful counter-insurgency operations of th...
Concept briefing notes: Concept briefing no. 24, May 2015
Nigeria Stability and Reconciliation Programme, 2015
The stable political environment engendered by the peaceful national and state elections persisted in Nigeria May 2015. This resulted in smooth and peaceful handover and inauguration of newly elected president and state governors. ...
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