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The Guide examines the drivers and dynamics of inter and intra-state conflicts such as ethnicity and competition for natural resources. It also highlights current approaches and responses to conflict prevention and resolution and best practice in the design of security and peacebuilding programmes.
Improving lives and reducing violence through provision of services
How can the provision of services and economic opportunities reduce violence and improve lives? A high-level roundtable organised by the IDS Addressing and Mitigating Violence (AMV) research team explored the complex links between poverty, violence, insecurity and the provision of services, drawing on four case studies from within Nairobi, Mumbai, and Kathmandu.

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Cambodia: maritime security challenges and priorities
C Vannarith / Cambodian Institute for Cooperation and Peace, 2011
Cambodia’s sea is relatively peaceful. However, it can be to a potential shelter for terrorists, illegal smugglers, pirates, and environmental pollution due to the lack of the capacity to effectively oversee and manage its marit...
Cambodia: security challenges and implications for defense policy
C Sotharith / Cambodian Institute for Cooperation and Peace, 2011
Cambodia is experienced in dealing with disasters due to a protracted war lasting about three decades, marked principally by the genocide committed by the Khmer Rouge and international isolation. Fortunately, as a result of the Paris ...
Conflict resolution in Cambodia
A Sokkhoeurn / Cambodian Institute for Cooperation and Peace, 2011
Following the fall of Khmer Rouge regime in January 1979, Cambodia’s civil conflict had not been ended. Efforts to resolve the conflict in Cambodia range from external intervention to internal actors.The United Nations’ in...
‘Pink transportation’ in Mexico City: reclaiming urban space through collective action against gender-based violence
Gender and Development, 2013
Women-only transportation has become a popular option for urban women around the world who are tired of being groped and harassed in buses, subways and taxis. The separation of men and women in public transit is controversial among fe...
Sexual violence and justice in postconflict Peru
United States Institute of Peace, 2012
Impunity with regard to sexual violence is grounded in gendered normative frameworks, which directly result in difficulties in gathering evidence and prosecuting rape as a crime, in most of the world, in times of war and peace. Peru i...
Violating rights and threatening lives: the Camisea Gas Project and indigenous peoples in voluntary isolation
C. Feather / Forest Peoples Programme, 2014
This report highlights the existing impacts of the Camisea gas project in the south-east Peruvian Amazon on indigenous peoples living in ‘voluntary isolation’ (‘isolated peoples’) in the Kugapakori-Nahua-Nanti ...
Peru’s deadly environment: the rise in killings of environmental and land defenders
Global Witness, 2014
The world’s attention was be on Peru December 2014, as governments from 195 countries convened in the capital Lima for the UN Climate Conference. As delegates negotiated a global deal aimed at averting catastrophic climate chang...
What is legal? Formalising artisanal and small-scale mining in Colombia
C. Echavarria / International Institute for Environment and Development, 2014
Colombia’s mining sector is characterised by widespread informality. A recent census revealed that 72 per cent of all mining operations in Colombia are classed as ‘artisanal and small-scale mining’ (ASM), and 63 per ...
Americas: transforming pain into hope: human rights defenders in the Americas
Amnesty International, 2012
Human rights defenders play a fundamental role in helping to create a world where the promise of human rights becomes a reality for all. Drawing on decades of work with defenders fin the Americas region – Central, North and Sout...
Land governance in Brazil: a geo-historical review
International Land Coalition, 2012
This paper examines the paradoxes of land governance in Brazil by putting them in their historical context, highlighting in particular the continuing subordination of peasant farmers’ interests to those of large landholders. It ...
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