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The Guide examines the drivers and dynamics of inter and intra-state conflicts such as ethnicity and competition for natural resources. It also highlights current approaches and responses to conflict prevention and resolution and best practice in the design of security and peacebuilding programmes.
Improving lives and reducing violence through provision of services
How can the provision of services and economic opportunities reduce violence and improve lives? A high-level roundtable organised by the IDS Addressing and Mitigating Violence (AMV) research team explored the complex links between poverty, violence, insecurity and the provision of services, drawing on four case studies from within Nairobi, Mumbai, and Kathmandu.

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Escaping the repertoire of election crisis: prospects and challenges of the evolving infrastructure for peace in Côte d’Ivoire
L. Mawuenya Amedzrator; M. Abdallah / Kofi Annan International Peace Keeping Training Centre, 2015
As a conflict prevention and management tool, national peace infrastructures have largely contributed to peace and security in countries where they have been established and adopted. This paper focuses on the emerging infrastructure f...
The center can hold: towards a regional approach to combating West Africa’s terrorists
N. Salihu / Kofi Annan International Peace Keeping Training Centre, 2015
Terrorist activities have assumed an alarming dimension in several West African countries. Various measures by states and international actors have achieved minimal success in the fight against terrorists. This brief calls for ...
The dynamics of regional cooperation in Southeast Asia
H.J. Roth / Geneva Centre for Security Policy, 2015
The need to establish a proper security structure in the Asia-Pacific Region is often underlined by Western political observers. But the chances for such a structure appear to be much smaller than generally accepted. The reason l...
The chimera of global convergence
S. Starrs / Transnational Institute, 2014
It has become a staple of conventional wisdom that global economic power is shifting inexorably towards the East and the South. Many insist that we are on the brink of a world-­historic rebalancing that will result in the end of W...
Emerging powers in a changing world
Institute of International Relations, Greece, 2014
The scope of this paper goes beyond Greece’s neighbourhood and examine different countries that are collectively called as ‘Rising Powers’. Selectively, the authors pick and examine the topics considered as the most ...
The rise of emerging Asia: regional peace and global security
M. Kahler / Peterson Institute for International Economics, 2013
The rapid economic rise of China, India, and the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) could have several effects on regional peace and global security. The power transition perspective overstates the risk of conflict that re...
African emerging powers
Norwegian Peacebuilding Centre, 2014
Once considered almost solely a site of poverty and conflict, sub-Saharan Africa and perceptions of it have gradually been changing. Today, African states have become important actors in international affairs, with a number considered...
Russia’s nuclear security policy: priorities and potential areas for cooperation
A. Khlopkov / Stanley Foundation, 2015
The crisis over Ukraine has led to a drastic reduction in regular official Russian-US contacts in most areas, including those where it is in the two countries’ mutual national security interests to work together. Bilateral coope...
Economic drivers of mass atrocities: implications for policy and prevention
R. Gilpin / Stanley Foundation, 2015
At their core, mass atrocities are a form of violence perpetrated against the “other” for a broad range of interconnected ethnic, ideological, religious, and political reasons. In many cases, these reasons have economic dr...
Forgiveness: unveiling an asset for peacebuilding
Refugee Law Project, Uganda, 2015
Within the international community – international lawyers, human rights activists, officials of international organizations, and the staff of NGOs focused on peace-building – forgiveness is little understood, widely ignor...
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