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The Guide examines the drivers and dynamics of inter and intra-state conflicts such as ethnicity and competition for natural resources. It also highlights current approaches and responses to conflict prevention and resolution and best practice in the design of security and peacebuilding programmes.
Improving lives and reducing violence through provision of services
How can the provision of services and economic opportunities reduce violence and improve lives? A high-level roundtable organised by the IDS Addressing and Mitigating Violence (AMV) research team explored the complex links between poverty, violence, insecurity and the provision of services, drawing on four case studies from within Nairobi, Mumbai, and Kathmandu.

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Unemployment and security challenges in Nigeria
O.S. Adesina / International Journal of Humanities and Social Science, 2013
Unemployment is one of the most serious problems facing Nigeria like many other countries in the world. However, there is also a growing level of security challenges facing the country, which calls for serious concern. The rising leve...
GlobalmMilitarisation index 2015
Bonn International Center for Conversion, 2015
There are numerous sources of conflict around the world that are driving militarisation in many regions and inducing states to modernise their armed forces or increase defence budgets. Among the ten countries with the highest level of...
Security and justice evidence mapping
Governance and Social Development Resource Centre, 2015
This report discusses the findings from an evidence mapping conducted to identify the empirical evidence on the outcomes of security and justice (S&J) interventions. The findings are presented in the form of an evidence gap map. T...
United Nations Security Council - Conflict-related sexual violence Report of the Secretary-General
United Nations Security Council, 2015
The present report, which covers the period from January to December 2014, is submitted pursuant to paragraph 22 of Security Council resolution 2106 (2013), in which the Council requested to report annually on the implementation of re...
Localising the Women, Peace and Security Agenda: a Toolkit for Leveraging UNSCR 1325's 15th Anniversary
October 2015 marked the 15th anniversary of UNSCR resolution 1325 and the Women, Peace and Security agenda. Activists, women’s human rights defenders and UN member states have gathered in a series of activities to renew their co...
Happily ever after How UN member states can ensure sustainable peace
A. Lucey / Institute for Security Studies, 2015
The United Nations (UN) 2015 peacebuilding review makes a number of recommendations to enhance the effectiveness of its peacebuilding responses across different UN entities. One of the key messages in this review relates to the core r...
Enhancing maritime domain awareness in Africa
T. Walker / Institute for Security Studies, 2015
While numerous crimes and threats occur in the African maritime domain, there is also great potential for prosperity. African states are positioning themselves to benefit from the oceans and seas by implementing strategies on continen...
Reimagining Peacemaking: Women’s Roles in Peace Processes
M O’Reilly; A Ó Súilleabháin; T Paffenholz / International Peace Institute, 2015
As half of a society’s population, shouldn’t women have the right to be represented during peacemaking processes? Yet, between 1992 and 2011 just 2% of chief mediators and 9% of peace negotiators were women. Women are excl...
R2P@10: what lessons for South Africa and Africa?
F. Mabera / Institute for Global Dialogue, South Africa, 2015
2015 marks ten years since more than 150 world states endorsed the principle of the Responsibility to protect (R2P) at the 2005 World Summit. The concept of ‘R2P’ emerged from the 2001 Report of the International Commissio...
Colombia: Women Seek to Overcome the Barriers to Participation in Order to Achieve Peace
K Ronderos 2015
An advocacy document from the Women’s International League for Peace and Freedom in Colombia calls for the equal representation of women throughout the whole peace negotiation process in their country. The position is available ...
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