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The key role small arms play in fuelling conflict; different approaches of small arms control programmes; efforts to curb the small arms trade.

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Silencing the guns: terrorism, mediation and non-state armed groups
African Centre for Constructive Resolution of Disputes 2016
On 21–22 October 2015, the African Union (AU), in collaboration with the Government of Namibia, hosted the Sixth AU High-level Retreat of Special Convened under the theme of “Terrorism, mediation and non-state armed groups&#...
Conflict analysis of Kenya
B. Rohwerder (ed) / Governance and Social Development Resource Centre 2015
This report is based on ten days of desk-based research and provides a short synthesis of the literature on the conflicts and violence in Kenya. Kenya is a large multi-ethnic country, with over 40 different ethnic groups and many over...
Global Militarisation Index 2015
Bonn International Center for Conversion 2015
There are numerous sources of conflict around the world that are driving militarisation in many regions and inducing states to modernise their armed forces or increase defence budgets. Among the ten countries with the highest level of...
Nuclear security: India and the NTI ranking
K Ashok; R.P Rajagopalan / Observer Research Foundation, New Delhi 2014
Nuclear security has become a major concern for India and the global community in recent years. Concerns around nuclear terrorism, including the so-called 'dirty bomb', have become particularly pressing in the last decade. Realistical...
Air power: the cost-benefit conundrum
A Iyer-Mitra 2014
One of the features of modern air power is the enormous costs associated with contemporary combat aircraft. Even the United States of America has been forced to cut back on its acquisitions of the F-22, the world's most expensive figh...
India's security interests and the Arms Trade Treaty
R. Prakash / Observer Research Foundation, New Delhi 2013
The international arms trade has thus far thrived without globally accepted rules or regulations. The lack of a regulated framework has contributed to the survival and steady growth of the arms industry, which is now witnessing the en...
Army aviation: does the army need its own air force?
P.S Ahluwalia / Observer Research Foundation, New Delhi 2014
Within the context of the Indian Army, many defence commentators and analysts have emphasised the need to develop and define the role of the Army Aviation Corps. Considering the increasing importance of defining distinct roles for var...
Nuclear security in India
R.P Rajagopalan / Observer Research Foundation, New Delhi 2015
India has for long been a victim of terrorism. It has suffered everything from left-wing extremism to separatist insurgency and state-sponsored cross-border terrorism. The Mumbai terror attack offers sufficient evidence of the inclina...
Cyber war preparedness, cyberspace arms control and the United States
T. Jianqun; X. Longdi / China Institute of International Studies 2014
The cyber-attacks that Estonia, Georgia and Iran suffered as well as the U.S. PRISM spying scandal exposed in 2013 have demonstrated that there is increasing difficulty in maintaining order and security in cyberspace. However, despite...
Chin- Pakistan nuclear alliance: an analysis
S. Ramana / Institute of Peace and Conflict Studies, India 2011
The nuclear agreement with Pakistan has created serious ripples in the non-proliferation regime, and holds important geostrategic implications. This paper shall elucidate on the China-Pakistan nuclear relationship, and argue how it fu...
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