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Climate change

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Climate change and state fragility in the Sahel
A. Crawford / Fride 2015
Many climate experts agree that the Sahel is a key hotspot for global climate change. Throughout the region, higher temperatures, increasingly variable rainfall, and more frequent droughts and storms will interact with high le...
The year that shook the rich: a review of natural disasters in 2011
Brookings Institution 2012
From the earthquake and tsunami in Japan to fourteen disasters causing over a billion dollars each in damage in the United States, 2011 was particularly damaging for developed countries. Reviewing 2011’s natural disasters, this r...
Enhancing the Horn of Africa responsive capacity to climate change impacts workshop report
UNDP-UNEP Poverty-Environment Initiative 2014
The output report from the 2014 Enhancing the Horn of Africa responsive capacity to climate change impacts workshop, held in Nairobi.  
Improving water management in Myanmar’s dry zone for food security, livelihoods and health
This reports suggests key findings under topic areas, including: Managing water variability is key to improving livelihoods in the dry zone Reduced rainfall is making rainfed farming more difficult but remains ...
Migration as adaptation? A comparative analysis of policy frameworks
L. Kelpsaite; E. Mach / International Organization for Migration 2015
With recent climatic and environmental changes occurring all across the globe, adaptation has been in the front line of development policies. Although the term 'adaptation' has been used mainly in connection with climate change...
Climate variability, food production shocks, and violent conflict in Sub-Saharan Africa
H. Buhaug / IOPscience 2015
Earlier research that reports a correlational pattern between climate anomalies and violent conflict routinely refers to drought-induced agricultural shocks and adverse economic spillover effects as a key causal mechanism linking the ...
A climate of conflicts?
H. Buhaug Buhaug; I. Rudolfsen / Norwegian Institute for International Affairs 2015
Political violence correlates strongly with climate: Civil conflict risk is seven to ten times higher in dry and tropical climates than in continental climate zones. Yet, there is little evidence that climatic variability and change a...
A horizon scan of environmental drivers of poverty
B. Daley; W. Acker / Evidence on Demand 2015
This report presents the results of a rapid desk-based study of the environmental drivers of poverty, based on a review of peer-reviewed and grey literature for the last 10 years. The major non-climate environmental drivers of poverty...
Climate change and conflict: lessons for conflict resolution from the Southern Sahel of Sudan
African Centre for Constructive Resolution of Disputes 2011
Using a human security perspective, this report identifies and analyses local and international non-governmental organisation (NGO) interventions in cases of conflicts related to the environment and environmental change in the souther...
Climate change adaptation, conflict and cooperation: a diplomatic approach for Africa?
African Centre for Constructive Resolution of Disputes 2011
Thia paper provides a statement of outcomes from the COP17 High-Level Panel Discussion, Durban, South Africa, 6 December 2011. For the African continent to deal with potential security implications of climate change, regional cooperat...
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