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Education in fragile states

This key issues page examines the delivery of education in states that can be described as "fragile". These are states where the government lacks either the capacity or willingness to perform its core functions, including the delivery of education. This page aims to provide a starting point for discussion on education in fragile states, and specifically provides literature on service delivery and aid effectiveness in fragile states, looks at why donors should focus investment on education in fragile states, and examines how this should be done.

While there is a growing literature on aid effectiveness in fragile states generally, there is little information on the delivery of sector specific services such as education. What literature does exist tends to focus mainly on education in conflict situations. This literature is taken as a starting point, although the aim of the page is to encourage debate and discussion on education in fragile states more broadly.
Education in fragile states: capturing lessons and identifying good practice
School girls
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This paper examines how development assistance in fragile environments can enhance access to quality basic education, at the same time improving governance and thereby mitigating the risks of fragility, and increasing the effectiveness of future aid. It examines will and capacity in the education sector, explores political economy implications for sequencing and planning, and considers how education can support state-building from the bottom up.

Service delivery in fragile states

In order to understand the context of education service delivery in fragile states, it is important to examine the issues in these states more generally. The following recommended readings provide background information on development effectiveness in fragile states. Recommended reading...

Why invest in education in fragile states?

Why is education so important for those living in fragile states? These readings provide information on the benefits of education for preventing state fragility, and for protecting and building social capital in situations where the state is fragile. Recommended reading...

How to invest in education in fragile states?

In order to most effectively deliver education in fragile states, donors, and the governments and non-state actors they work with, must find the most effective way of delivering education in partnership. The following selection of documents provides guidance and lessons learned on delivering education in fragile states. Recommended reading...

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