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Service delivery in fragile states

Recommended reading

Why we need to work more effectively in fragile states
Department for International Development, UK 2005
This paper lays out DfID’s commitment to working more effectively in fragile states. A working definition of fragile states is outlined as "where the government cannot or will not deliver core functions to the majority of its peo...
World Bank Group work in low-income countries under stress: a Task Force Report
Fragile States: the LICUS Initiative, World Bank 2002
This report summarises the analysis, findings, and recommendations from the World Bank’s study on Low-Income Countries Under Stress (LICUS). The Task Force was created to respond to concerns about how the development community, i...
Working for development in difficult partnerships
M. Tommasoli; M. Bergeron / Development Assistance Committee, OECD 2002
This report presents the topics covered at a Joint Workshop on "Working for Development in Difficult Partnerships", which took place from 28-29 October 2002, and which was organised by DAC Network on Good Governance and Capacity Devel...
How important are difficult environments to achieving the MDGs
A. Branchflower; S. Hennell; S. Pongracz; M. Smart / Department for International Development, UK 2004
This working paper, published by the Department for International Development, argues that countries defined as "difficult environments” are the single biggest challenge to the MDGs and to the elimination of poverty. Such environ...
Fragile states strategy
US Agency for International Development 2005
This strategy sets out how USAID can most effectively respond to fragile states. The strategy’s overall goal is to guide USAID’s efforts in reversing decline in fragile states and advancing their recovery to a stage where tr...
Observations on service delivery in fragile states and situations - the German perspective
Bundesministerium fur wirtschaftliche Zusammenarbeit und Entwicklung 2006
This BMZ report contains a summary of observations and key statements of German Development Cooperation that pertain to service provision in fragile states and the lessons learned and conclusions reached. Conceptual inputs are...