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Why invest in education in fragile states?

Recommended reading

The education imperative: supporting education in emergencies
Academy for Educational Development, USA 2003
This publication aims to provide information about the current state of education in emergencies, explain why it is needed, and describe how it can be done better and reach more children. It begins by outlining the scale of th...
Development effectiveness in fragile states: spillovers and turnarounds
L. Chauvet; P. Collier / Centre for the Study of African Economies, Oxford 2004
This papers examines aid effectiveness in fragile states with particularly weak policies and institutions. It explores whether aid can assist policies and institutions to improve in situations where they are particularly weak. ...
The role of education in protecting children in conflict
S. Nicolai; C. Triplehorn / Humanitarian Practice Network, ODI 2003
This paper argues for a reappraisal of the position of education in emergency programming. It explores the links between education and the wider protection needs of the children it assists. It suggests that, as protection in conflict ...
Planning education in and after emergencies
M. Sinclair / International Institute for Educational Planning, UNESCO 2002
The author of this book argues that education must be a priority for those organisations providing aid during and post conflicts and emergencies. Education, alongside the pressing concerns of food, water and housing, is essential if n...