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Security and development policy

Since the end of the Cold War, the concept of security has been redefined and broadened, recognising that the security of states and the security of people are interdependent. As a result social, political and economic needs have been brought into the context of peace and stability, and donors and multilateral organisations have identified important links between development and security. Many argue that coherent and mutually supportive security and development policies are needed to achieve effective development as well as security outcome.
Addressing debates in security and development
Armed men
S. Torfinn / Panos Pictures
This collection of essays considers the relationship between security and development. It addresses the issue from different angles, i.e. in terms of concepts, practical country policies or individual measures, and also from the point of view of different actors, such as international organisations, national actors or non-governmental organisations.

Donor policies

Development agencies and donors have taken on peace and security as central concerns of their development-cooperation efforts. This is reflected both in their strategic thinking and in specific policy responses and frameworks. More...

A critical perspective

While most donors and international development agencies have taken the security-development agenda on board, others have questioned the causal link between security and development and raised concerns about the politicisation of aid. More...

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