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Mali's young 'jihadists': fuelled by faith or circumstance?
Institute for Security Studies 2016
Unemployed, idle and fanatical – this is how young people in the ranks of the armed jihadist groups in Mali are portrayed. However, there is little empirical data to support this characterisation. Little research has been...
Violent extremism in Africa: public opinion from the Sahel, Lake Chad, and the Horn
Afrobarometer 2016
Over the past two decades, the threat posed by violent extremist groups that espouse fundamentalist religious narratives has grown substantially across Africa (Hallowanger, 2014). The colonial era and the undemocratic rule tha...
Meet the Nigerian woman taking on Boko Haram
C. Hogan 2015
In December 2013, former radio journalist-turned-civil society activist Hafsat Mohammed was on a public mini-bus when it was attacked by Boko Haram insurgents in northeastern Nigeria. After ordering the passengers off the bus, the ins...
Social media as instrument of global mobilisation: a textual analysis of the 'bring back our girls' campaign
M. N. Nwabuzor; C. V. Gever 2015
The abduction of over 200 female students from Chibok in April, 2014, by the outlawed Boko Haram insurgents attracted global condemnation which went viral on social media. Such acts are at variance with international norms of freedom ...
Community policing through local collective action in Tanzania: Sungusungu to Ulinzi Shirikishi
C. Cross / University of Sussex, UK 2013
Community policing (polisi jamii) was officially introduced in Tanzania in 2006 as part of an ongoing police reform programme. In addition to attempting to improve communication between police and the public, the police have promoted ...
East Asia in 2015: A Forecast
S.K. Mishra / Institute of Peace and Conflict Studies, India 2015
The future political landscape of Asia?Pacific would largely be decided, arguably, by happenings in the East Asian region. It is so because in East Asia, the interests of three important players of world politics ? the US, China and J...
Bangladesh in 2015
D. Hossain / Institute of Peace and Conflict Studies, India 2015
Contrary to its violent beginning and potential of political instability, the year 2014 was generally marked by peace and tranquility in Bangladesh. The new government led by Sheikh Hasina was able to consolidate its power and authori...
Good talk, not enough action: The AU’s counter-terrorism architecture, and why it matters
S. Allison / Institute for Security Studies 2015
Africa has a long history of terrorism, but it has only recently begun to acknowledge the problem and treat it as a threat that transcends borders. Despite the slow start, the African Union (AU) has implemented a fairly progressive co...
Global Militarisation Index 2015
Bonn International Center for Conversion 2015
There are numerous sources of conflict around the world that are driving militarisation in many regions and inducing states to modernise their armed forces or increase defence budgets. Among the ten countries with the highest level of...
Why Africa must resolve its maritime boundary disputes
T. Walker / Institute for Security Studies 2015
African maritime boundary disputes, unless resolved in a concerted and timely manner, will imperil both the short and long-term implementation of maritime policies and strategies. African states and stakeholders must prioritise bounda...
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