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About this guide

Digital technologies are fundamentally changing how individual citizens, civil society, states and markets relate. At the same time new methods of communication, expression and advocacy and new forms of data creation and analysis are redefining how we perceive global development challenges, social inequality and sustainability.

The Digital Development Resource Guide highlights the latest research into he role of digital technologies in global development with a particular focus on four cross cutting themes. These are:

  • Digital access and inclusivity
  • Digital Digital sustainability and resilience
  • Digital impact on economies
  • Digital government and citizenship


The Guide aims to advance knowledge and understanding of these emerging themes to inform future research and enhance decison making and practice.

Meet the editor
Alan Stanley, IDS Open Knowledge and Digital ServicesAlan Stanley is a Senior Thematic Convenor in the IDS Open Knowledge and Digital Services team and the Senior Editor of Eldis. Follow the link above to view his full profile on the IDS website. You can also follow Alan on Twitter @alandstanley and access his blogs and publications via his ORCID ID.