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Digital government and citizenship

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Implementation Guidelines for National Data Sharing and Accessibility Policy (NDSAP)
Open Government Data (ODG) Platform India 2016
The National Data Sharing and Accessibility Policy (NDSAP) is designed so as to apply to all sharable non-sensitive data available either in digital or analog forms but generated using public funds by various Ministries/Departments /S...
Emergent Practices Around CGNet Swara, A Voice Forum for Citizen Journalism in Rural India
P Mudlier; J Donner; W. Thies 2013
Rural communities in India are often underserved by the mainstream media. While there is a public discourse surrounding the issues they face, this dialogue typically takes place on television, in newspaper editorials, and on the Inter...
Youth and Citizenship in the Digital Age: A View from Egypt
L. Herrera 2012
Youth are coming of age in a digital era and learning and exercising citizenship in fundamentally different ways compared to previous generations. Around the globe, a monumental generational rupture is taking place that is being facil...
Understanding the complexity of electronic government: Implications from the digital divide literature
N. C. Helbig; J.R. Gil- Garcia; E. Ferro / ResearchGate 2016
E-government has been recognized as a catalyst or tool for government administrative reform. Information technologies have the potential to produce cost savings, improve the quality of services, and make government policies more effec...
The imperative of influencing citizen attitude toward e-government adoption and use
O. Al-Hujran; M. M. Al-Debei; A. Charfield; M. Migdadi / ResearchGate 2015
With the imperative of e-government for better transparency, accountability and public services, the problem of low-level citizen adoption of e-government services has been recognized in developed and developing countries. This pressi...
The challenge of increasing civic engagement in the digital age
N. Turner-Lee 2010
While the example of the 2008 presidential election foreshadows the role of the Internet in our democracy, addressing the factors that create and maintain stratification on the web is the main focus of this essay. Turner-Lee argues th...
2012 Survey- E-government for the future we want
UN true / UN 2012
E-Government for the People   The United Nations E-Government Survey 2012: E-Government for the People was completed in December 2011 and launched in February 2012. The 2012 edition of the survey was prepa...
Is Unrestricted Internet Access a Modern Human Right? | Foreign Policy
D. Rothkopf 2015
Technology has left our constitutions out of date. It's time for a reboot.
A review of social media use in e-government
M.J. Magro / Multidisciplinary Digital Publishing Institute 2012
In the past few years, e-government has been a topic of much interest among those excited about the advent of Web 2.0 technologies. This paper reviews the recent literature concerning Web 2.0, social media, social networking, and how ...
Accenture Report, Digital-Government pathway to delivering public services for the future. A comparative study of digital government performance across 10 countries
Accenture true / Accenture 2014
Accenture’s digital government research evaluates the current implementation levels of digital services, the overall service delivery experience and citizens’ satisfaction levels across 10 countries—Brazil, Germany, ...