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Digital sustainability and resilience

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Environmental impacts of the emerging digital economy: The e-for-environment e-commerce?
D. Z. Sui; D. W. Rejeski / Environmental Management 2002
Although great potential exists to harness information technology in general and the internet in particular and improve the environment, possible negative impacts of e-commerce on the environment should also be considered and dealt wi...
The concept and implementation of precision farming and rice integrated crop management systems for sustainable production in the twenty-first century.
D. V. Tran; N. V. Nguyen / Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations 2006
Agricultural production systems, including rice systems, have been very successful in increasing productivity and efficiency, thanks to genetic improvement, agrochemical practices, irrigation and farm machinery.  However, the wor...
“Shamba Shape Up” ICT and AG Profile. USAID Fostering Agriculture Competitiveness Employment Information Communication Technologies (FACET).
USAID true / US Agency for International Development 2013
Shamba Shape Up is a farm makeover reality show that was first developed in Kenya. During each episode the presenter and agricultural experts visit a family farm to demonstrate practical solutions to help them improve their production...
Site-specific management: the application of information technology to crop production
R. E. Plant 2001
Site-specific management (SSM; also called, precision agriculture) is the management of agricultural crops at a spatial scale smaller than that of the whole field. Widespread farmer adoption of SSM practices is contingent on its econo...
Real-time Monitoring in Disease Outbreaks: Strengths, Weaknesses and Future Potential.
B. Ramalingam / Institute of Development Studies UK 2016
This Evidence Report analyses the potential contribution of epidemic real-time monitoring (ERTM) initiatives to enhancing and augmenting disease surveillance systems in developing countries. It gathers and synthesises existing ...
Stakeholder Participatory Workshops in Lushoto, Tanzania: Climate Smart Agriculture Practices
T. Benjamin; B. Rudram; J. Tyman; L. Winowiecki; B. Rodriquez; A. Eitzinger; C. Mwongera; K. Mashisia; E. Ampire; P. Laderach 2014
In June 2014, participatory workshops and field visits were conducted by the CIAT-DAPA and CIAT-Soils Research Area teams in the CCAFS Climate Smart Village of Lushoto, Tanzania in the West Usambara Mountains to identify locally appro...
Participatory GIS in Empowering Rural Communities: A Framework for Iterative Development and Evaluation.
N. Kolagani; P. Ramu; K. Varghese 2012
This is a Report for the 6th International Congress on Environmental Modelling and Software, Leipzig, Germany, July 1-5. The paper proposes that participatory GIS empowers rural communities to visualize and understand vari...
Less is more: the 5Q approach. Scientific Report.
A. Jarvis; A. Eitzinger; M. Koningstein; T. Benjamin; F. Howland; N. Andrieu; J. Tyman; C. Corner-Dollof / International Center for Tropical Agriculture 2015
Large agricultural development projects often struggle to achieve impact because they lack costeffective systems for capturing regular feedback from implementers and beneficiaries. Even when they use a participatory approach, they can...
The Humanitarian Connectivity Charter: Demonstrating the mobile industry commitment to preparing for and responding to humanitarian crises
GSMA true 2015
Mobile networks and the connectivity they provide can be a lifeline for those affected by natural disasters and other humanitarian emergencies. The number of these crises and their impact is growing. Between 2004 and 2014, an estimate...
Sentinel Asia: A space-based disaster management support system in the Asia-Pacific region.
K. Kaku; A. Held 2013
The Sentinel Asia initiative was established in 2005, as a collaboration between regional space agencies and disaster management agencies, applying remote sensing and Web-GIS technologies to assist disaster management in the Asia-Paci...