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Findings of market research into consumer attitudes towards ethical issues in tourism
Tearfund 2000
This document reports the findings of a telephone based market research survey of 2,000 members of the general public, which asked what consideration they give to ethical issues when booking their holidays, and in what ways they would...
What should hoteliers be doing to address key social and environmental business issues?
J. Sweeting; A. Sweeting / Tour Operators Initiative for Sustainable Tourism Development 2003
This handbook for accommodation providers is organised by issues. It provides an overview of ten environmental and social issues that the authors consider critical to the long-term success of the accommodations sector. For each issue,...
Environmental responsibility in the aviation business
This is an outline document of the options available to the UK government in ensuring that the aviation industry is encouraged to take account of, and where appropriate reduce, its contribution to global warming, local air and noise p...
Impact of ethical trading on poverty
Department for International Development, UK 2002
This is a report of a workshop organised by DfID that consisted of a number of presentations and discussion around the impact of ethical trading on poverty. The presentation reported on in this document focused on difficulties ...
Examples of CSR partnerships in the Americas
Inter-American Foundation 2002
This is a collection of examples of IAF partnerships with the private sector that is intended to provide examples to companies of ways in which CSR can be in their interest. The introduction to the collection argues that for the priva...
Why should law be better considered in the CSR agenda?
H. Ward / International Institute for Environment and Development 2003
This document provides and overview of legal issues as they relate to current CSR debates. The author argues that the debate is more complicated than the traditional one between voluntary and mandatory regulation and that legal issues...
Have NGOs focused on conflict diamonds and ignored 'diamonds for development'?
R. Hazleton / Partnership Africa Canada 2002
This document considers the economic impact of diamonds in South Africa, Botswana and Namibia. It states that the many global campaigns to stop trade in conflict diamonds has tended to ignore the benefits of the legitimate industry fo...
Comparative lessons from CSR in Ghana, India and Trinidad & Tobago
K. Monson / Resource Centre for the Social Dimensions of Business Practice, UK 2003
This report attempts to provide a complete overview of socially responsible business practice in Ghana, India and Trinidad and Tobago and how each sector views the subject. The paper provides and overview of socially responsibl...
Can the developing countries' effective participation in the international trade be improved?
L. Cernat; S. Laird; A. Turrini / Centre for Research in Economic Development and International Trade, Nottingham 2002
The aim of this paper is that of going "back to basics", focusing on the importance of market access issues for developing countries in the WTO negotiations begun in Doha in 2001. The paper attempts to address the following que...
How is the business community assisting with disaster prevention and mitigation?
J. Twigg / Development Planning Unit, University College London [UCL] 2002
This paper presents the results of a research project that looked at the nature of private sector involvement in disaster reduction in developing countries through their philanthropic and social responsibility programmes. The project ...
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A look at sustainable livelihoods and ethical trade through case studiers
Ethical Trade and Natural Resources Programme, NRI 1998
Explores the actual and potential contribution ethical trade can make to the achievement of sustainable rural livelihoods. Summary report includes a description of ethical trade (Section 2), followed by an analysis of the buil...
Biggest benefit of fair trade is increased income and access to funds
M Blowfield; S Gallet / Natural Resources Institute, UK 2001
Uses Volta River Estates Ltd. (Ghana) as a case study into ethical trade and sustainable rural livelihoods. This organisation is a Fairtrade banana exporter. The VREL example suggests that plantations can increase livelihood op...
The contributions of ethical trade to sustainable livelihoods
D. Crucefix / Ethical Trade and Natural Resources Programme, NRI 1998
Examines the contribution ethical trade initiatives can make towards the goal of sustainable rural livelihoods. The experience of organic agriculture projects in developing and in-transition countries is the particular focus of this r...
Environmental Principles and Concepts [environment and trade]
Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development 1995
Presents a discussion of environmental principles and concepts . In addition to defining and explaining the main environmental principles and concepts, this paper makes preliminary observations as to their relevance in the trade and e...
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Carbon Tracker / Investor Watch
Carbon Tracker is a not for profit financial think tank aimed at enabling a climate secure global energy market by aligning capital market actions with climate reality.The Carbon Tracker initiative is the first project of Investor Watch, a non-profit company established by Mark Campanale, its founder, to align capital markets with the goal of social and ecological sustainability....
Natural Resource Governance Institute (NRGI) (NRGI)
The Natural Resource Governance Institute (NRGI) is a non-profit policy institute and grant-making organization that promotes the responsible management of oil, gas and mineral resources for the public good. Working in over thirty resource-rich countries, NRGI pursues this goal through research, advocacy, capacity development programs, and technical advice to governments and civil society actor...
Southern African Resource Watch (SARW)
Advocacy and research organisation, aiming to monitor corporate and state conduct in the extraction and beneficiation of natural resources in Southern Africa region, in particular assessing to what extent these efforts contribute to sustainable development”.
California Environmental Associates (CEA)
CEA provides consulting services and dives projects into five practice areas: philanthropic services, regulatory & Compliance Strategy, recruiting & organizational design services, sustainable business and sustainable finance.
African Center for Economic Transformation (ACEF)
The African Center for Economic Transformation is an economic policy institute supporting Africa’s long-term growth through transformation. Their vision is that by 2025 all African countries will drive their own growth and transformation agendas, led by the private sector and supported by capable states with strong institutions and good policies. They work toward this vision through analysis, advi...
CDP holds a large collection globally of self reported climate change, water and forest-risk data. The organisation aims to transform the way the world does business to prevent dangerous climate change and protect our natural resources.
Journal published by the Faculty of Economic Sciences of the 'Danubius' University from Gala?i, Romania.
HEC Montréal
HEC Montréal is a university business school.
World Vision Institute for Research and Innovation (WV Institute)
International Center for Tropical Agriculture (CIAT)
CIAT's mission is to reduce hunger and poverty, and improve human health in the tropics through research aimed at increasing the eco-efficiency of agriculture. CIAT has its headquarters near Cali, Colombia, with regional offices in Nairobi, Kenya, and Hanoi, Vietnam. Center scientists work in Latin America and the Caribbean as well as 29 countries in sub-Saharan Africa, and 5 in Southea...
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