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Document Abstract
Published: 2016

Seismic building codes: global and regional overview

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This report is the outcome of a rapid desk study to identify and collate the current state of evidence (in Nepal and other Low-Income Countries) to assess three issues:

  • The regulation and effectiveness of seismic building codes in achieving the construction of safer and more liveable buildings, and in creating resilience against disasters.
  • The types of seismic building code systems used in different countries (ie. the strength requirements for private housing versus public buildings, such as schools, health facilities or industrial buildings), particularly in countries in the Himalayan region that are similar to Nepal with respect to risk and level of income.
  • What systems and mechanisms are used to ensure compliance in areas where seismic building codes are in place, and what examples are there of new technologies or innovative approaches to encourage compliance?
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S. Nienhuys

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