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Health and Education Advice and Resource Team (HEART)

HEART is a consortium of leading organisations in international development, health, nutrition and education.  It works together to support the use of evidence and expert advice in policymaking. HEART helps time-pressured decision-makers better understand, interpret and apply health, nutrition and education evidence. It is primarily designed to provide the most relevant evidence to address particular policy queries from the UK Government's DFID staff and partners.

HEART offers the following services:
  • Helpdesk: a rapid response research service with a quick turnaround time. Helpdesk reports include literature reviews, document searches and summaries of research papers and other relevant evidence. They are designed to provide the most relevant evidence to address particular policy queries from DFID staff and partners.
  • Topic Guides: resource guides relating to health, education and nutrition topics. They provide a synthesis of the key current issues and debates as well as links to essential readings.
  • Document library: the document library features summaries and links to editorially-selected publications on the key themes of health, education and nutrition. The documents are sourced from academic research, policy papers and global development organisations. 
  • Email newsletter: keep up-to-date on resources and developments in international health, nutrition and education. It also highlights recent HEART helpdesk reports and consultancy updates.
  • Consultancy services: short-term technical support, including reviews and evaluations, strategy think-pieces, specialist reports and programme design.
HEART started on the 1st November 2012. It supersedes the Human Development Resource Centre (HDRC) and the older Health Resource Centre (HRC). The HDRC website has been merged with the HEART one and the archived HRC website can still be accessed.

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