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Quality assured research synthesis documents from a selected set of publishers who focus is on supporting evidence-informed decision-making on issues relevant to international development

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How do social protection and labour programmes contribute to social inclusion? Evidence from Afghanistan, Bangladesh, India and Nepal
B. Babajanian; J. Hagen-Zanker; R. Holmes / Overseas Development Institute 2014
Today, the positive effects of social protection and labour programmes on core dimensions of well- being such as food consumption and access to health and education are well-recognised. However, less is known about the ability of thes...
Ghana LEAP programme increases schooling outcomes
R. de Groot / UNICEF Innocenti Research Centre 2015
There is a growing body of literature analysing the impacts of social cash transfer programmes (SCT) on schooling. This brief summarizes findings from the impact evaluation of the Ghana Livelihood Empowerment Against Poverty (LEAP) pr...
Disability considerations for infrastructure programmes
A. Agarwal; A. Steele / Evidence on Demand 2016
Approximately 15% of the world’s population, over a billion people, have some form of disability. DFID’s aim is for its policies and programmes to be inclusive of and accessible to all people, including people with disabil...
Evidence on girls’ secondary education
Health and Education Advice and Resource Team 2015
This helpdesk report undertakes a rapid review of the evidence around girls and secondary education in developing contexts and summarises the key issues arising from this evidence. Key findings of the report include: ...
Situational analysis of FGM/C stakeholders and interventions in Somalia
S. Crawford; S. Ali / Health and Education Advice and Resource Team 2015
The overall aim of the situational analysis in Somalia is for government, donors and the UN to gain a greater understanding of existing interventions towards ending female genital mutilation/cutting (FGM/C), and to identify gaps so as...
The impact of gender and business training for female microfinance clients in Vietnam
International Initiative for Impact Evaluation 2015
Business training leads to an increase in business knowledge, improvements in business practices, operations and sales, as well as income and assets for male microfinance clients. Moreover, business failure is lower for males who rece...
The SASA! study: a cluster randomised trial to assess the impact of a violence and HIV prevention programme in Kampala, Uganda
International Initiative for Impact Evaluation 2014
SASA! is a community mobilisation intervention that seeks to prevent violence against women and reduce HIV-risk behaviours. The SASA! study was conducted between 2008 and 2012 in two administrative divisions of Kampala (Makindye and R...
Expanding lessons from a randomised impact evaluation of cash and food transfers in Ecuador and Uganda
International Initiative for Impact Evaluation 2015
There is now substantial evidence that periodic cash transfers to poor households as a form of social protection, particularly when conditional on complementary investments in child schooling and health, can lead to substantial and su...
Vocational education in Kenya - a randomized evaluation
International Initiative for Impact Evaluation 2015
Despite the importance of youth unemployment, little is known about how best to facilitate the transition of youth from school to the labor market in less developed countries, or how to provide marketable skills for youth not on the a...
Community-based rehabilitation for people with disabilities in low- and middle-income countries: a systematic review
The Campbell Collaboration 2015
There are estimated to be over one billion people with disabilities globally and 80% of them live in low- and middle-income countries. They are often excluded from education, health, and employment and other aspects of society leading...

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