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ICTs for development

Quality assured research synthesis documents from a selected set of publishers who focus is on supporting evidence-informed decision-making on issues relevant to international development

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Summary of the first UN World Data Forum: 15-18 January 2017
International Institute for Sustainable Development 2017
This IISD summary provide a synthesis of discussion and outcomes from the first UN World Data Forum held in South Africa from 15-18 January 2017. The Forum took place following the recommendation of the UN Secretary-General’s Ind...
The future of knowledge sharing in a Digital Age: exploring impacts and policy implications for development
J. Gregson; J. Brownlee; R. Playforth; N Bimbe / Institute of Development Studies UK 2015
We live in a Digital Age that gives us instant access to information at greater and greater volumes. The rapid growth of digital content and tools is already changing how we create, consume and distribute knowledge. Even though global...
Making the ‘evolutionary leap’: using Open Knowledge approaches to improve development outcomes
A. Stanley; K. Shephard; N Bimbe; P. Brambilla; H. Rowsell; P. Mason; H. Bailey / Institute of Development Studies UK 2016
The Open Knowledge Hub project brings together knowledge producers and intermediaries, particularly those in developing countries, to work together collaboratively to address gaps and inequalities in the availability...
Mobile phone interventions for improving economic and productive outcomes for farm and non - farm rural enterprises and households in low and middle - income countries
International Initiative for Impact Evaluation 2013
The link between economic growth, development and the ability to communicate over distances is a topic that has been extensively debated in available literature. There are three possible impacts of improved communication technologies:...
Can e-governance reduce capture of public programmes? Experimental evidence from India’s employment guarantee scheme in Bihar
International Initiative for Impact Evaluation 2015
Low administrative capacity and pervasive corruption constrain the performance of social insurance programs in many low-income settings. The increasing availability of e-governance, i.e., the application of information and communicati...
Synthesis report: Big data for climate change and disaster resilience: realising the benefits for developing countries
J. Anttila-Hughes; M. Dumas; L. Jones / Evidence on Demand 2015
Despite some promising results, there are barriers, gaps and risks associated with the application and use of Big Data in supporting resilience in developing countries. Many of these challenges are similar to those that have emerged i...
Social media and conflict management in post-conflict and fragile contexts
B. Rohwerder (ed) / Governance and Social Development Resource Centre 2015
This Helpdesk Report responds to the following query: Social media and conflict management in post-conflict and fragile contexts: What is the recent evidence of the role of social media in post-conflict and fragile contexts with regar...
Helpdesk Report: ICTs and education
Health and Education Advice and Resource Team 2013
This is a scoping report of recent, ongoing and pipeline activities that utilise Information and Communication Technologies (ICTs) in education programme delivery, in particular to deliver learning. It includes teacher training initia...
Helpdesk research report: Mobile telephony for improved health service and data management
L. Bolton / Governance and Social Development Resource Centre 2012
There is significant potential for the use of mobile telephony to improve health service outcomes and data management. Opportunities include: serving as a less costly substitute for existing interventions; providing interactive functi...
Linking savings accounts to mobile phones: are potential users interested?
S. de Mel; D. Herath; C. McIntosh; C. Woodruff / International Initiative for Impact Evaluation 2014
In the last decade, the micro-credit sector has expanded the world over. A great deal of interest is now being focussed on the development potential of mobilising micro-savings by channeling the liquidity of the poor into the formal b...
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