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The purpose of this guide is to provide access to relevant, diverse and credible research on the role of gender equality issues in achieving development goals. It aims to inform dialogue, learning and the sharing of good practice around areas such as gender mainstreaming, measuring change, legal and policy frameworks on gender and human rights, and successful initiatives from the field.
Gender and Food Security
This update focuses on the gender and food security and highlights the new cutting edge pack and a selection of key relevant resources featured in the BRIDGE global resources database.

Latest Documents

Review of Norad´s Assistance to gender mainstreaming in the energy and petroleum sector 2010-2014
E. v d Bergh Collier / Norwegian Agency for Development Cooperation - NORAD, 2015
Background A review of Norad’s assistance to gender mainstreaming in the energy and petroleum sector through the framework agreement with ENERGIA was conducted by Norconsult in 2014. The purpose of the Framework Agreement...
Building a state that works for women: integrating gender into post-conflict state building
C Castillejo / Fride, 2013
What role do women play in statebuilding? How do statebuilding processes affect women's participation? Support for statebuilding has become the dominant model for international engagement in post-conflict contexts, yet donor approache...
Women engaging politically: beyond magic bullets and motorways
M Tadros / Pathways of Women's Empowerment RPC, 2011
This policy paper by Mariz Tadros, adopts an upside-down approach to women’s political empowerment. While the number of women we need to get into legislatures has often assumed centrestage, this paper takes women’s pathway...
The use of ICTs to express public outrage in Nigeria over child marriage
J Dada / Global Information Society Watch, 2013
Is public opposition to child marriage in Nigeria increasing? Despite the Nigerian Senate passing a law criminalising child marriage in 2003, only 24 of the 36 states have adopted the law. This concise paper, written by Joh...
Policy brief on gender equity and empowerment towards achieving the MDGs
CISLAC false 2012
In reaction to various international conventions and covenants on women’s equality, including the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs), Nigerian governments have undertaken legislative and administrative reforms to address multip...
Challenges to women active participation in politics in Nigeria
U Nwabunkeonye 2014
The poor participation of women in politics and governance has been a major concern at the global level. In Nigeria, the number of women participating in politics is not proportionate to the 50% of the nation’s population which ...
Women and political participation: toward attainment of 35% affirmative action and obstacles to the women participation in Nigerian politics and decision making process
M Abubakar; Z Bn Ahmad 2014
Women’s political participation in Nigeria is an issue of concern, with a continuing record of women's underrepresentation in both elective and appointive positions. However, several efforts have been made by both government and...
The dynamics of women's political emancipation and political participation in Nigeria
O Ebenezer Oluwole 2014
The role of women in the organisation of society and, more importantly, government cannot be underestimated. Throughout history, women have contributed significantly to the socio-economic and political developments of their countries,...
Women's rights and the post-2015 development framework: an advocacy guide
J Woodroffe / Womankind, 2014
This Womankind Worldwide advocacy guide is aimed towards all those working to ensure women’s rights and gender equality are central to the outcomes of the negotiations on the post-2015 development framework, including women&rsqu...
Women's participation in elections across Africa 2012
Make Every Woman Count false 2013
The Make Every Woman Count (MEWC) Political Participation and Election Monitoring Team was formed in order to provide deeper analysis of women’s participation in politics and elections in Africa. In 2012, they published this rep...
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