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The purpose of this guide is to provide access to relevant, diverse and credible research on the role of gender equality issues in achieving development goals. It aims to inform dialogue, learning and the sharing of good practice around areas such as gender mainstreaming, measuring change, legal and policy frameworks on gender and human rights, and successful initiatives from the field.
Gender and Social Movements
In this month’s update we provide links and summaries to some of the most recent resources on gender and social movements. Two excellent new policy briefs from the Institute of Development Studies BRIDGE team, on donor approaches and on social movement leader approaches to advancing gender justice, are key features of this update. They are the latest resources to be produced from the fantastic BRIDGE Gender and Social Movements Programme.

Latest Documents

Women's Climate Action Agenda 2014-2015
O.O. Lake; C. Greensfelder; E. Colligan 2014
The Women's Climate Action Agenda argues for transformative change and analyses the root causes of the environmental destruction and social injustice and offers recommendations and alternative solutions to the climate crisis. These in...
Sixth Asian and Pacific Population Conference (APPC) outcome document
Association for Women's Rights in Development, 2013
The sixth Asian and Pacific Population Conference (APPC) was held in Bangkok in September 2013. This outcome document sets out a set of policy directions and priority actions agreed by the states assembled at the conference. The docum...
CPD 45th session. Theme: Adolescents and Youth. Analysis by Realising Sexual and Reproductive Justice (RESURJ), the International Women’s Health Coalition (IWHC), Development Alternatives with Women for a New Era (DAWN), and Amnesty International (AI)
Realising Sexual and Reproductive Justice, 2012
This briefing paper provides an analysis of the process and outcomes of the UN Commission on Population and Development (CPD) in 2012, which focused on adolescents and youth. It outlines some background information to the event, then ...
Research briefing: the impact of SENAI's vocational training programme on employment, wages, and mobility in Brazil: What lessons for Sub Saharan Africa?
International Research Initiative on Brazil and Africa, 2014
In Sub-Saharan Africa, there is ample evidence of the significant role that education plays on shaping the labour market transition of young people. When comparing Brazil with some countries in the region, the data suggests that the h...
The impact of SENAI's vocational training programme on employment, wages, and mobility in Brazil: what lessons for Sub Saharan Africa?
C.V. Barría; S. Klase / International Research Initiative on Brazil and Africa, 2014
In Brazil, the National Service for Industrial Training (SENAI) has existed for decades as the main building block of the Brazilian S-system of vocational training. It is a private non-profit organisation, managed and led by industria...
Abortion Laws and Sexual Violence
Center for Reproductive Rights, 2013
When sexual violence results in pregnancy, women and girls must often face the risk of unsafe abortions and suffer severe mental and physical traumas in countries with restrictive abortion laws. This briefing paper from the Center for...
Women will transform post-2015 development
M. Sidibé / Joint United Nations Programme on HIV/AIDS, 2013
At the opening of the Global Power Women Network Africa M. Michel Sidibé, the Executive Director of UNAIDS, highlighted that there is considerable progress in the fight against HIV, but that women are still affected disproporti...
Gender equality: a governance matter
UN Women, 2013
Does gender inequality constitute a governance failure? This policy brief describes how it is a governance failure when governments are unable or unwilling to translate gender equality commitments into reality. In this publ...
MDGs progress and post-MDGs priorities in the Commonwealth
A. N. Mukherjee / Commonwealth Secretariat, 2013
The Commonwealth Secretariat commissioned a review of the status of MDGs achievement in Commonwealth member countries. The objectives of this review were to assess existing evidence on achievements in social progress and to identify k...
Podcast: Tackling Youth Unemployment in Africa
International Monetary Fund, 2014
In this IMF-produced podcast, Nigerian Central Bank Governor Sanusi Lamido Sanusi gives his perspectives on youth unemployment across Africa, including his recommendations on how to solve this growing issue. Sanusi feels that the risi...
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