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About this guide

The role that gender plays in a range of broad development areas. Issues of focus include governance, gender based violence, the economy, sexual and reproductive rights, citizenship and social movements.

About this guide

The Eldis Gender Resource Guide is targeted at development practitioners, decision makers, researchers, and civil society involved in incorporating gender into poverty reduction strategies and development policies.

The guide aims to contribute to the analyses, research and debates on gender mainstreaming within development issues, through using a range of email and online tools to disseminate information. It does this by providing:

  • Access to relevant and up to date debates, research, impact assessments and announcements on gender
  • Presentation of key issues within gender and development which focus on areas of policy processes and gender analysis
  • Access to a broad range of related information through weblinks to organisations working in gender and development
  • Access to recent debates with a wide range of interesting gender related discussions and newsletters
Elaine Mercer

HI. I’m the Editorial and Multimedia Coordinator working at IDS Knowledge Services – I have a strong background and interest in women’s rights and gender equality, and work closely with the gender focused teams here. I'm responsible for keeping this resource guide up to date and making sure it's accessible and contains relevant and useful information. Please get in touch if you have any suggestions or comments about this guide.