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Budgets and the economy

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Gender and finance: coming out of the margins. Climate policy brief
M. Williams / South Centre 2016
Climate finance must be managed at the global, regional and national levels to ensure and promote gender equality and the empowerment of women as key actors, both in climate protection and sustainable development efforts. Managing cli...
Economic crisis and women's work: exploring progressive strategies in a rapidly changing global environment
J. Ghosh / UN Women 2013
This report examines the gendered impacts of on-going global financial and economic crises in the labour market. It focuses on issues of women’s employment and decent work, particularly taking into account the implications for t...
Making women’s work visible: finance for rural women
Women's World Banking 2014
Globally more than one billion women have no interaction with a bank or financial service provider. Rural women face unique challenges and limitations. They have, on average, lower levels of literacy and education than men, and genera...
Integrating gender perspectives in evaluating the efficiency of COFI: the case of credit cooperatives in the Philippines
M.C.V. Manlagnit; M.B. Lamberte / Philippine Institute for Development Studies 2003
Over the last several years, a number of studies on group-based lending programs have examined the issue of empowering women through greater access to finance. This paper first examines the extent of cost and profit inefficienc...
Poverty and access to microfinance with gender dimension
M.B. Lamberte; M.C.V. Manlagnit / Philippine Institute for Development Studies 2003
Although admittedly still small relative to the size of the entire domestic financial market, the Philippine microfinance market has been developing quite rapidly in the last few years. This paper examines the development of mi...
Gender-responsive budgeting through the CBMS lens
D. Budlender; M. Melesse; C.M. Reyes / Philippine Institute for Development Studies 2010
This paper results from a series of international workshops that brought together CBMS and GRB practitioners to discuss how the community-based monitoring system (CBMS) can be used to facilitate gender-responsive budgeting (GRB) at th...
Promoting women`s participation in the APEC economies: some recommendations
L. Lazo 2015
Increasing women`s economic participation is not yet universally accepted despite three decades of global advocacy; and women empowerment and gender equality are still a work in progress. A mechanism that can be tapped to promote wome...
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