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Citizenship and migration

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Gender, Age and Migration: An extended briefing
J. Birchall / BRIDGE 2016
In many parts of the world, migration has replaced fertility and mortality as the leading agent of demographic change. A person’s gender, age, religion, race, ethnicity, sexuality and health or disability shape every stage of the...
How can social protection provide social justice for women?
H. Sholkamy / Pathways of Women's Empowerment RPC 2011
For social protection to provide social justice for women, this Pathways policy paper argues that the approach must be feminist. A feminist social protection programme recognises and enhances women’s identity as citizens and ena...
Emigration of women domestic workers from Kerala: gender, state policy and the politics of movement
P. Kodoth; V.J. Varghese / Centre for Development Studies, Swansea 2011
Restrictions imposed by the Government of India on the emigration of women in ‘unskilled’ categories such as domestic work are framed as measures intended to protect women from exploitation. Special protection for certain ...
The role of discriminatory social institutions in female South-South migration
G. Ferrant; M. Tuccio; E. Loiseau; K. Nowacka / OECD Development Centre 2014
Migration patterns, choices and outcomes are not gender neutral. Women account for almost half of all global migration, and within that are a number of important gendered differences and considerations that must be explored and accoun...
Female migrants - policy brief from the Second Mayoral Forum on Mobility, Migration and Development Quito, Ecuador
This policy brief argues that policymakers have yet to acknowledge the particular challenges and risks faced by migrating women and girls and bring their issues to the forefront of the migration and development agenda. It highl...
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