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Displacement and refugees

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Displaced women and homelessness
Norwegian Refugee Council 2016
This report identifies conflicts as a cause of homelessness. Displaced persons, by definition, have to abandon their homes. Many of them have been forced to leave because of targeted discrimination. ...
Women refugees in Lebanon and the consequences of limited legal status on their housing, land and property rights
Norwegian Refugee Council 2016
Understanding the situation for women refugees in particular, including the protection risks they face, is essential in order to develop and provide appropriate interventions taking their perspective and ...
Gender assessment of the refugee and migration crisis in Serbia and fYR Macedonia
G. Wolfensohn; A. Milkovic; M. Nedeva / UN Women 2016
Over one million men, women, and children travelled to Western Europe to claim asylum in 2015, with many transiting through Turkey, Greece, and the Western Baltics on their way north. Countries such as Serbia and fYR Macedonia, who ha...
Women and girls failed: the Burundian refugee response in Tanzania
Refugees International 2015
Since April 2015, political instability and violence has rocked Burundi, forcing an estimated 220,000 people to flee to neighbouring countries. Approximately half of these refugees are women, and around half of the many women who repo...
Women on the run: first-hand accounts of refugees fleeing El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, and Mexico
United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees 2015
The refugee crisis currently playing out around the world is almost unprecedented in living memory. Not since World War II have so many people been forcibly displaced. While conflict in Syria and the resulting flows of people seeking ...
Empowered and safe: economic strengthening for girls in emergencies
C. Caton; J. Chaffin; M. Marsh / Women's Refugee Commission 2014
Even in times of peace and stability, adolescent girls are among the most vulnerable members of society in low-income countries. In times of emergency, this vulnerability is multiplied, with girls facing various rights violations, inc...
Initial Assessment Report: protection risks for women and girls in the European refugee and migrant crisis
United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees 2016
Not since World War II has Europe seen such massive movements of refugees and migrants fleeing from armed conflict, persecution, and pervasive sexual and gender-based violence (SGBV). Almost one million people arrived through the Medi...
Breaking the silence: hope for a new life
United Nations Population Fund 2015
More than four years of war have ravaged Syrian families and communities, Syrian women and girls are living through the most damaging conflict in the region’s recent history. Female refugees are sometimes subjecte...
‘They call me warrior’: the legacy of conflict and the struggle to end sexual and gender-based violence in Sierra Leone
E. Mills; Z. Nesbitt-Ahmed; J. Diggins; T.D. Mackieu / Institute of Development Studies UK 2015
Sierra Leone has been the focus of considerable public and policy attention because of the recent Ebola epidemic and, before that, the decade-long civil war, with multiple forms of violence permeating people’s lives. This...
Gender-based violence in conflict and displacement: qualitative findings from displaced women in Colombia
A.L. Wirtz / Conflict and health 2014
Gender-based violence (GBV) is prevalent among, though not specific to, conflict affected populations and related to multifarious levels of vulnerability of conflict and displacement. Colombia has been marked with decades of conflict,...
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