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Mainstreaming in organisations

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Has ADB's gender and development policy addressed gender inequality in Asia?
J Hunt; S Lateef; H. T Thomas / Asian Development Bank 2007
The Asian Development Bank’s (ADB) 1998 Gender and Development (GAD) policy identified gender mainstreaming as a key strategy for addressing gender inequity. Project-specific gender action plans (GAPs) were introduced as a mecha...
Are media development organisations serious about gender mainstreaming?
C.L. Morna; A. Odhiambo; R.R. Davidson / Gender Links, Johannesburg 2006
Here the Swedish International Development Cooperation Agency (Sida) reviews the extent to which gender is integrated into the work of the twenty media development organisations that it supports. Key findings include: ...
Gender mainstreaming through the Gender Focus Programme (GFP)
M. Mukhopadhyah; G. Steehouwer; F. Wong / Royal Tropical Institute 2006
This paper takes an in-depth look at the experience of Novib partner organisations in the Middle East and South Asia who undertook the challenge of the Gender Focus Programme (GFP). The organisations were: GRAM Abhudhya...
Making gender equality a priority for staff at Oxfam GB
E. Dawson / Oxfam 2005
This article describes and assesses a strategy to mainstream gender issues in the South America region of Oxfam GB. Interviews were held with a selection of programme staff to find out their opinions as to what progress had been achie...
The challenges of implementing gender mainstreaming at the lower levels of government – examples from Thailand, Cambodia and Laos
K. Kusakabe / Oxfam 2005
This article discusses gender mainstreaming processes at the department and provincial levels of government in Thailand, Laos, and Cambodia. While gender mainstreaming policies are in place at the national level in these countries, th...
Gender mainstreaming in UK trade policy
E. Brown / Women in Development Europe 2004
This briefing note provides an overview and critique of gender mainstreaming policy and practice within the Department for International Development, UK (DFID), focusing specifically on gender mainstreaming in trade policy. It argues ...
Gender mainstreaming: why is change not happening?
A. Rao; D. Kelleher / Oxfam 2005
This paper argues that although women have made many gains in the last decade, gender equality is still not institutionalised in the day-to-day routines of governments and international development agencies. It argues that changes are...
Evaluation of Norad's strategy for women and gender equality
Norwegian Agency for Development Cooperation - NORAD 2005
This report evaluates the implementation of the Strategy for Women and Gender Equality in Development Cooperation (the Strategy), and analyses how the development cooperation system, Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MFA), Norad and the em...
Civil society organisations need to mainstream HIV and AIDS
Royal Tropical Institute 2005
This is the first issue of Exchange, previously Sexual Health Exchange, produced by the Royal Tropical Institute of the Netherlands in collaboration with Novib (Oxfam Netherlands). The main focus of this edition is mainstreaming HIV a...
Guide to capacity building for gender equality in organisations
Canada Nepal Gender in Organizations Project 2004
This document outlines the approach used to build gender equality capacity and gender mainstreaming in organisations in Nepal. The aims of the project was to promote good governance and the transition to greater equality between men a...