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Between hope and a hard place: boys and young men negotiating gender, poverty and social worth in Ethiopia
G. Crivello; N. van der Gaag / Young Lives 2016
In recent years, there has been an increasing focus on adolescence as a key transition to adulthood. Young people are navigating puberty and making life choices around schooling, work, and intimate and family relatio...
Men, masculinities & climate change
MenEngage 2016
The threats of climate change are not gender-neutral. Gender analysis on climate change over the past three decades has brought tolight the disproportionate effects of climate change and environmental degradation on women’s lives...
Masculinities conflict and violence: Nigeria country report 2016
Nigeria Stability and Reconciliation Programme 2016
Differences in the way Nigerian men and women are socialised and valued – and disparities in their abilities to access power, resources and key roles in society - create an imbalance of power within relationships between the two ...
Predator and prey: Islamic feminism and the discourse of female-authored novels in northern Nigeria
K. A. Ayoola; F. Hunsu / The African Symposium 2014
NIgeria has a rich history of women writers who have used literature to challenge societal contradictions and discrimination. Now a new generation of writers is emerging. Muslim women’s writing from northern Nigeria has attracte...
Preventing Violence Against Women and Girls: Engaging Men Through Accountable Practice
International Rescue Committee 2014
EMAP is a one-year primary prevention intervention developed for humanitarian settings, created by the International Rescue Committee for. It provides staff in humanitarian settings with an evidence-based curriculum and field-tested a...
Living Peace Groups Implementation Manual and Final Project Report: GBV Prevention and Social Restoration in the DRC and Burundi - Promundo - EN
World Bank 2014
This manual provides the resources and tools for organizations and practitioners in post-conflict settings based on work conducted in the Democratic Republic of Congo and Burundi to sustainably engage men in gender-based violence prev...
Program HMD: A Toolkit for Action
Promundo 2013
The Program HMD toolkit for action presents a shorter version of the approach contained in Promundo’s Programs H and M. This toolkit seeks to make the model accessible by providing learning activities and case studies for discus...
Play the free Breakaway football/soccer Game Online
United Nations Population Fund 2012
Breakaway is a free online video game co-produced by UNFPA launched during the World Cup in South Africa as part of the UN Secretary-General's UNITE Campaign to reach out to boys aged 8-11 with the aim of changing gender dynamics. The...
SASA! | Raising Voices
Raising Voices 2008
SASA! is a community mobilisation intervention developed in Uganda to prevent VAW and HIV/AIDS. SASA! is an evidenced-based methodology that takes a gender relational approach by working at multiple social levels with a range of stake...
Regional Curriculum on Transforming Masculinities Towards Gender Justice | Partners4Prevention
U Tumursukh / Partners for Prevention 2013
This curriculum is a capacity development resource to support members of the Regional Learning Community for East and Southeast Asia and other practitioners to challenge and transform patriarchal masculinities, more effectively promot...
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