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Patterns of veiling among Muslim women
I. Diwan; J. Klugman / Economic Research Forum, Egypt 2016
Understanding why women veil today is a challenging question as it is probably connected to multiple phenomena. The literature – both qualitative and theoretical– suggests a range of hypotheses about why women veil. ...
Stella Oyedepo and the feminist vision in the Rebellion of the Bumpy-Chested
J. Yeseibo / International Journal of Humanities and Social Science 2013
Feminist activism and civic participation can come in many forms, including theatre. The prolific playwright Stella Oyedepo is arguably one of the most visible practitioners of theatre in Nigeria today, with plays including Survi...
Rapping feminism, rapping the family: hip hop, the Mudawwana, and the monarchy in Morocco
C. J. Brege / University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign Library 2015
Feminisms can be expressed in many forms, in a variety of complex sub-cultural systems that are full of synergies and contradictions. One such arena is music. In this paper, Casey Jo Brege examines the types of feminism expressed...
Technologies and power dynamics in women's public and private spaces
F. Machirori / Open Society Initiative for Southern Africa 2014
In 2012, trained journalist and blogger Fungai Machirori established Her Zimbabwe, the country’s first web-based platform for women. Machirori is also a contributor to other platforms, such as the Mail and Guardian’s &lsqu...
Resourcing for resilience: lessons from funding women's rights movements
Z Moosa; C Stanton / CIVICUS - World Alliance for Citizen Participation 2015
The last few years have seen two related trends: a marked shrinking of civil society space in a number of countries, and a greater recognition of the need for targeted and appropriate resources to support enabling environments fo...
Climate justice and women’s rights: a guide to supporting grassroots women’s action
A. Davis; L. Rope; U. Miniszewski / Women Organizing for Change in Agriculture and Natural Resource Management 2015
This guide aims to increase timely and appropriate funding for worldwide climate action initiatives led by women and their communities. It highlights that women are particularly vulnerable to the threats posed by climate change...
Feminist and women’s movement building in Southern Africa
S. Wilson / Open Society Initiative for Southern Africa 2011
This paper identifies some of the dominant trends that currently characterise women’s organising and analyses key anchors and movement-building moments. These are then used as the basis to extract some insights for southern Afri...
Struggles for gender equality: reflections on the place of men and men’s organisations
S. Meer / Open Society Initiative for Southern Africa 2012
The increasing focus on men and men’s organisations within development is seen by some as a new fad, the latest silver bullet to achieving gender equality, and a threat to women’s organisation and women’s movements. ...
A ‘Movement Support’ Organisation: The Experience Of The Association For Women’s Rights In Development (AWID)
R Jones; S Rosenhek; A Turley / Association for Women's Rights in Development 2014
This article illustrates how AWID’s ‘movement support’ model – based on collaboration and channels of dialogue with its membership and broader constituency – is helping to advance its shared goa...
WELDD Feminist leadership web portal
Shirkat Gah 2014
This web portal, developed by the Women’s Empowerment and Leadership Development for Democratisation (WELDD) programme, is intended to be a space to share useful resources, as well as a forum for sharing experiences and holding ...
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