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Initiative for Inclusive Security
The Initiative for Inclusive Security, including The Women Waging Peace Network, advocates for the full participation of all stakeholders, especially women, in peace processes. Creating sustainable peace is achieved best by a diverse, citizen-driven approach. Of the many sectors of society currently excluded from peace processes, none is larger—or more critical to success—than wome...
Human Security Gateway
Research and information database offering electronic and bibliographic resources on human security. Maintained by the Human Security Report Project, Canada.
NGO Working Group on Women, Peace and Security
The NGOWG was formed in May 2000 to successfully advocate for a UN Security Council Resolution (SCR) on women, peace and security. This was achieved collaboratively with the unanimous adoption of SCR 1325 on 31 October 2000. The NGOWG advocates for and monitors the participation of women, prevention of conflict and protection of all civilians, to ensure full and rapid implementation of SCR 1...
Women Waging Peace, Cambridge and Washington
The “Waging” network was launched in 1999 to connect women in conflict areas to one another and to policy shapers worldwide. Women Waging Peace advocates for the full participation of women in formal and informal peace processes around the world by: building a network of women peacemakers making the case that women make vital c...

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