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Training and Research Support Centre (TARSC)
Provides training, information, research and capacity support on areas of public health, social policy, food security, social protection, social and economic rights, reproductive, gender and child rights and on civic-state relations. TARSC works mainly in southern Africa and networks with non government, government and academic organisations.
Project Literacy
South African project which aims to deliver a wide range of adult basic education and training programmes toeducationally disadvantaged adults by way of adult education centers, teacher training, curriculum development and community outreach. Project Literacy is a 24 year old Non-Government Organisation working in the field of Adult Basic Education and Training based in South Afric...
Education Library, UNESCO
The Education Library contains references of a variety of educational materials published by UNESCO - books, documents, CD-ROMs, videos, posters, standard-setting texts, directories, etc. In some cases the full text has been included and is available for downloading.
Women In Development Southern Africa Awareness (WIDSAA)
Programme of Southern African Research and Documentation Centre (SARDC). WIDSAA has produced a bibliographic and contacts database for the SADC region and is publishing gender profiles, Beyond Inequalities (not online). WWW site currently contains some programme information, link to SADC Gender Monitor, but full-text not available yet.
Forum for African Women Educationalists (FAWE)
Membership organisation working to increase access and improve the quality of education for all girls within the school system, and women in universities. Pan African membership organisation with 33 national chapters, registered in Kenya in 1993. FAWE’s aim is to increase access and retention and to improve the quality of education for all girls in the African school system, a...
FGM Education and Networking project
WWW site on female circumcission and genital mutilation. Includes full text materials and extensive bibliography of research materials.
BRIDGE provides a fast route to gender information. It is a specialised gender and development research and information service based at the Institute of Development Studies (IDS) in the United Kingdom. BRIDGE was set up in 1992 to support the gender-mainstreaming efforts of policymakers and practitioners by bridging the gaps between theory, policy and practice with accessible and diverse...

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