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International Rectal Microbicide Working Group (IRMWG)
Convened by the AIDS Foundation of Chicago, the Canadian AIDS Society, the Community HIV/AIDS Mobilization Project and the Global Campaign for Microbicides in the spring of 2005, the International Rectal Microbicide Working Group (IRMWG) is currently a coalition numbering over 360 advocates, policymakers and leading scientists from 35 countries on 5 continents working to advance a robust rec...
Exchange on HIV/AIDS, Sexuality and Gender
Exchange on HIV/AIDS, Sexuality and Gender is a quarterly, 16-page magazine on HIV and AIDS from the perspective of gender, sexuality and sexual health. It is the successor to Sexual Health Exchange, which had been published by the Royal Tropical Institute in the Netherlands for many years, in collaboration with SAfAIDS (Southern Africa HIV and AIDS Information Dissemination Service), Zimbab...
International Centre for Reproductive Health
The International Centre for Reproductive Health was established in 1994 within the Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences of the Ghent University. The key philosophy of ICRH is the recognition of reproductive health as a basic human right. As a university group, ICRH focuses on research, training and interventions within the broad area of reproductive health. Besides research and...
Gender and HIV/AIDS Web Portal, UNIFEM
UNIFEM, in collaboration with UNAIDS, has developed this comprehensive gender and HIV/AIDS web portal to provide up-to-date information on the gender dimensions of the HIV/AIDS epidemic. The site aims to promote understanding, knowledge sharing, and action on HIV and AIDS as a gender and human rights issue. The web portal provides access to cutting edge research, studies and survey...
Engender Health
EngenderHealth is an international nonprofit organisation that works to make reproductive health services safe, available, and sustainable for women and men worldwide. The organisation consists of a select group of highly skilled medical staff, health care trainers, and public health professionals is involved in work around the globe in partnership with local governments and nongovernmental...
United Nations Children's Fund
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