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New knowledge on the gendered nature of poverty and wellbeing
S. Bradshaw; B. Linneker; C. Nussey; E. Sanders-McDonagh / Impact Initiative 2017
A gendered understanding of poverty is crucial for exploring its differing impacts. Women, in particular, may be vulnerable to the effects of poverty and the causes of women’s poverty, and how poverty is experienced, may differ f...
Multi-sectoral approaches to nutrition: nutrition-specific and nutrition-sensitive interventions to accelerate progress
United Nations Children's Fund 2017
The case for investing in nutrition is clear. Poor nutrition during the first 1,000 days - from pregnancy through a child’s second birthday - can cause life-long and irreversible damage, with consequences at the individual, commu...
Accounting for nutritional changes in six success stories: a regression-decomposition approach
D. Headey; J. Hoddinott; S. Park / Global Food Security - journal 2017
Over the past two decades, many developing countries have made impressive progress in reducing undernutrition. In this paper, the authors explore potential explanations of this success by applying consistent statistical methods to mul...
Reducing child undernutrition: past drivers and priorities for the post-MDG era
L.C. Smith; L. Haddad / World Development 2017
Reducing child undernutrition is gaining high priority on the international development agenda in the post-MDG agenda, both as a maker and marker of development. In this paper, the authors use data from 1970 to 2012 for 116 countries,...
Strengthening public health nutrition education in India
S. Khandelwal; T. Paul; L. Nambiar; R. Laxminarayan / Transform Nutrition 2014
Malnutrition remains a major challenge for public health and for human and economic development in India. A lack of adequately trained public health professionals and nutritionists means that this challenge is not being met. D...
A review of government programmes for women and children in India: implications for nutrition during the Thousand Day Period
S. Khandelwal; R. Dayal; S. Bhalla; T. Paul / The Indian Journal of Nutrition and Dietetics 2014
The current Maternal and Child Health Nutrition (MCHN) statistics from India reflect poorly on the existing Government schemes. Experts recognize the conception of two year period (the first 1000 days) as a critical window of opportun...
Why worry about the politics of childhood undernutrition?
N. Nisbett; S. Gillespie; L. Haddad; J. Harris / World Development 2014
Undernutrition affects over 2 billion people; but most of the global policy focus has been on technical solutions rather than an understanding of nutrition politics. This paper reviews existing literature on nutrition politics and pol...
Assessing food value chain pathways, linkages and impacts for better nutrition of vulnerable groups
M. Maestre; N. Poole; S. Henson / Food Policy 2017
In addition to targeting health and other areas related to undernutrition, a key priority is also the transformation of the agriculture and food sector. While patterns of crop and livestock production are widely expected to affect nut...
Legal status and deprivation in India’s urban slums: an analysis of two decades of National Sample Survey Data
L.B. Nolan; D.E. Bloom; R. Subbaraman 2017
In India, 52–98 million people live in urban slums, and 59% of slums are “non-notified” or lack legal recognition by the government. In this paper, the authors use data on 2,901 slums from four waves of the Nati...
Maternal undernutrition and childbearing in adolescence and offspring growth and development: is adolescence a critical window for interventions against stunting?
L. Benny; P. Dornan; A. Georgiadis / Young Lives 2017
Maternal undernutrition and adolescent childbearing are prevalent in low- and middle-income countries and have harmful consequences for children. However, less is known on whether these implications persist throughout the offs...
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